Step into the World of Hello Kitty in OZ

The Hello Kitty in Oz attraction currently on at the Sanrio Hello Kitty Town in Nusajaya is of adapted from the beloved “Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum.
It is surely interesting seeing a magical and timeless story that appeals to both the young and the old combined  with the very adorable characters from Sanrio Hello Kitty’s world.. And well, in Hello Kitty in Oz, Hello Kitty stars as the Great Witch of Oz…
Hello Kitty in Oz: The Lost Chapter takes place after Dorothy defeats the Wicked Witch and returns home. There have been widespread rumours the Land of Oz is ending and Hello Kitty the Great Witch, being worried decided to remove a chapter from the Great Book of Oz with the hope of altering the ending…However, her actions backfired and the Emerald City machine malfunctions instead and Oz is plunge into chaos. In the quest to save Oz, she calls on brave heroes to help save Oz…but well, the three heroes, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man and Hello Kitty herself are not enough, so they need our help….

You will be given a little Hello Kitty the Great Witch figurine with a special codes embedded in it, to log in and then brought to the presence of the librarian where you will then be given some instructions before being sent in to face your inner fears in the Mirror Maze..
Don’t fret though, as there will be  lot of adorable characters and Oz Guardians who will be around to enhance the experience and also guide you along..

The Hello Kitty in Oz attraction features four interactive games which are suitable for both children and adults….
First up would be Kuromi’s Tent…situated just outside the Munchkin Village. Kuromi the Fortune Teller will offers to read your fate with her cards… but… DO not fall for her readings and pay close attention to the cards she deals. Your fate is in your own hands…….

The Great Witch  calls on you to challenge your strength and determination. In his haste to answer the Great Witch’s call, the Tin Man had abandoned his post at the Wood Factory. Because of this… there’s not enough wood to warm the hearths of Oz. So roll up your sleeves, and start chopping some wood. The more wood you chop, the closer you are to helping the Great Witch save Oz….
You will stumble into a farmer’s abode where there are rows of corn cooking on the open fire. However , there is nobody there to watch the fire and the corn is either uncooked or in danger of turning into ash… So take control of the heat, make sure the heat is not too much or too little so that the corn comes out tasty, bright and golden, so you can refuel yourself , settle those hunger pangs and move on… I recommend fanning with one hand but be careful not to overdo it…
Once you have travelled the whole of Oz, you will finally come to the gateway to the Emerald City. You can enter but DO NOT be distracted by the adorable flying fishes… There is even the Little Twin Stars and My Melody who has been distracted and stuck there trying to catch the fishes…
I was almost stuck there too wanting to take pictures with them all… hehehe….Anyway, remember the fate of Oz lies in your hands. You have to locate the Emerald City Machine and capture the letters from the lost chapter so you can also save Oz and return home…..
Beware of all the “roadblocks” and distractions who will attempt to dissuade you, or even make you lost along the way…
Once you have accomplish all four task, you can then check your results at the exit counter, and get a little reward for your hard work…
Don’t forget to stop by the photo booth and get an adorable snapshot of yourself with the cute props around…and then stop by Oz World Alley, a dedicated Hello Kitty in Oz retail store where you can find limited edition Hello Kitty in Oz merchandise that cannot be found anywhere else……
For more information, please visit

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