Review:The Platters at TGI Fridays


Communal dining is all about sharing platters of food and it has been in practice for centuries… back during medieval times and so on…It cultivates a sense of community because the best place for meeting id around a good meal as everyone at some point of time must eat right???


Because of this, TGI Fridays has introduce The Platters, The Chicks Platter and The Boss. Each of this platter has been uniquely and carefully crafted with a selection of pastas, salads, and other side dishes to complement everything on the platter…..

The Chicks Platter

The Chicks Platter (RM117.50 nett) consists of Grilled Chicken, Roasted 1/2 chicken with Tennessee sauce and Pan Seared Chicken Thigh, served with Coleslaw, Waffles Fries, Garlic Bread, Caesar Salad and Penne Alfredo with a generous serving of BBQ sauce, black pepper sauce and sriracha cream sauce.

The meal is delicious and you should eat the chicken with the accompanying sauce for the best taste and you will truly enjoy it… the meal is for at least 4 people and up to 8 people… so it is pretty worth it…

The Boss Platter

The Boss (RM249.90 nett) on the other hand consisting of Sliced Sirloin Steak, juicy BBQ Beef Ribs, Lamb Chumps served with Corn on Cobb, Potato Accordian, Garlic Bread, Caesar Salad and Marinara Farfalle with helpings of Mint sauce, BBQ sauce and Wild Mushroom Butter sauce.

I for one, loved the BBQ Beef Ribs and Sliced Sirloin Steak which was just perfect on the palate…Again, these platters are ideal for families or a group of friends dining out between 4-8 people so the price is pretty affordable…

These platters are available for a limited time from now… so catch it while it is still available..

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