Valley Agro Park, Bentong


My visit to the Valley Agro Park was an interesting one… we had a very scrumptious lunch there since we got there at lunch time and we were all starving for some food then….

It was indeed a very relaxing and natural environment and we enjoyed hometown dishes made from organic and home grown vegetables, fishes etc…. It is indeed an experience  not to forget..for your 5 senses…

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My favorite would be the Yoke Lan Chicken, Grilled Nyonya Style Tilapia in Foil Packets and though I never liked cat fish… and very rarely eat them unless I have to, the Green Pepper Steamed Catfish was really very nice without any earthy taste….the rest of the dishes were also enjoyable and tasty..

The fishes here are all bred here using water from the mountains/ waterfall water… and these make the fresh fish tasty, delicious and healthy unlike those found in rivers…


Valley Agro Park is located somewhere in or near the Felda Bilut area between Bentong and Raub in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. The 18-acre piece of land was inherited by the founder, Mr Sing, from his late father and was designed and transformed from  an oil palm plantation into a complete natural experience for visitors to indulge and enjoy. Valley Agro Park is surrounded by hills, and visitors there will enjoy vast green landscaping and fresh natural air away from the smog of the city…..


While building Valley Agro Park, Mr Sing strived to maintain the concept of a natural lifestyle through continuous research and development. Irrigation was created and the land was cleared to improve the ecological cycle and air quality. The serene location serves as a perfect getaway for busy city dwellers, away from worries and stress. Here, you can slow down your pace and rejuvenate yourself.

You can also find organically grown fruits such as passion fruit, banana and papayas and of course vegetables here. With the clean air, soil fertility management and pure clean water straight from the mountain, Valley Agro Park has the means to cultivating the best organic vegetable and fruits, second to none.


You can take your own sweet time soaking in the beauty of a very cosy village life in the middle of nowhere… visit and indulge in a lot of leisure activities around the place….such as :-

1) Cheow Tick Village – Built to commemorate the founder’s late father who was born in 1931.

2) Gek Ngo Park – Built to commemorate the founder’s late mother who was born in 1931.

3) Valley Agro Hill – Celebrate the start of a new day by watching the sunrise over a picnic breakfast.

4) Streamlet- Children and adults alike can dip into the river to feel the cool rush of water.

5) Vegetable Garden – Watch the many stages of vegetable growth from sprout to fully grown. A great experience for families who wish to teach their children about the origin of vegetables. By seeing the process and effort needed for these vegetables to grow and reach to our plates, we can learn to appreciate them more.

6) Miniature Animal Park – Get a closer look at the animals in our animal park.

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7) Tree House – Experience how people from the olden days built their homes from scratch and live harmoniously with nature.

8) Fishing – Visitors may fish here free of charge. Catch and release is allowed but fishes will be charged based on their weight if visitors wish to take their catch. Fishers must prepare their own fishing equipment and may inform the staff if they want to cook their fish. Fishing time is between 1pm to 8pm.

9) Karaoke


10) BBQ – At just RM 25 per pax, a minimum of 6 people may use the barbeque area. However, 3 days advanced booking is required.

11) Nature Experience

12) Camping

13) Conference or Seminars

14) Group Tours

15) Banquets

16) Annual Dinner

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17)House of Bees – a Bee Museum where you can learn more about honey and purchase some for yourself , your friends or your loved ones…as well as some other things…

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Check out the different type of accomodations around the Valley Agro Park from wooden attap huts to little cottages. It is a pleasure to stay here and enjoy the green landscape with sounds of the nature. There is even an opportunity to sleep on top of the water…. if you dare…

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E-Honey stingless bee honey is produced by the meliponine stingless bees of the tropical rainforest, which gather nectar from a tremendous variety of plants to produce a tangy honey that is rich in trace elements and organic acids.

Normally we cannot enter a bee farm as it can be dangerous but it is here at the Valley Agro Park where you can enter the mystical world of bees in their natural environment at the bee farm, because the bees here are stingless and also known as Kelulut. It is definitely a very fascinating experience as you can see pure honey from stingless bees being produced here. Bees collect the essence from thousands of flowers to produce E-Honey. It is full of health benefits as is rich in nutrients.



The bee farm is such a beautiful and mystical place, made further so by the whimsical owners which implied even fairies lived here… so…. who knows… you might be just lucky to meet one….

All in all, it is a really interesting visit and a must do, so if you are there or if you are in need of a change in your life, you really have to experience this personally…

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GPS Coordinates: 3.675694, 101.866350

Address : PT44, KM13, Mukim Tras, 27600 Raub, Pahang, Malaysia.

Contact : +6019-228 9152 ( 11:30am – 09:30pm )

10 thoughts on “Valley Agro Park, Bentong

  1. I don’t remember having visited Bentong before. In fact, I have never actually explored Pahang except its highlands. This looks like an awesome destination.


  2. I am from Pahang but too bad I never been here before. I love how they still preserve the nature and yet keep welcoming the people to experience these nature themselves


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