Iftar the Imperial Chakri Palace way…


The Imperial Chakri Palace is located at 4th floor (topmost floor) of the Suria KLCC Shopping Centre . easily accessible by the KLCC LRT Station. There are also ample of parking space available at the mall itself or Avenue-K across the street, and don’t worry, the parking rates at KLCC is pretty reasonable…

Established in 1999, Chakri Palace has always been well-known for its superb and Authentic Thai Cuisine since it was established back in 1999. It has always been a favorite choice of discerning food lovers, celebrities, ministers & also royalties.

They pride themselves with serving dishes that have no added MSG, additives or preservatives & are cooked with low cholesterol oil.

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And come Ramadhan, Chakri Palace will be of course be serving some of their specialities for buka puasa, buffet style.

As most buffet spreads, Chakri Palace will have 6 sections of buffet area – appetizers, salad, main course, live station, dessert and drinks.

They have 3 different menus on rotation for a whole week so you can done here without fearing the exact same food.…


Mieng Kam is a type of Thai traditional snack … which began as a fear factor challenge on our table as there were 3-4 of us who never had that before and we all cringe at the thought of chewing the somewhat slightly spicy and bitter betel leaf…

Just take a piece of daun kadok/sireh (Betel Leaf), take a little from each ingredient, drizzle some sauce and put it in your mouth. The explosion of taste is indescribable but got us heading back for seconds and thirds…. And laughing at ourselves for being foolish…

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You should not miss out the salad dishes when dining at the Ramadhan Buffet at Chakri Palace. The salad served here are savoury and have a mixture of sour and spicy taste. They have a perfect combination of crunchy and soft texture in your mouth. Choose from the Thai Papaya Salad, Glass Noodle with Seafood Salad (my personal favourite) or the Wing Bean Salad… if you happen across the Thai Mango Salad…. It is also irresistibly delicious….


Chicken Kapitan

The Chicken Kapitan is a refreshing change from the normal Chicken Rendang most place will serve. This dish is pretty good, flavorful, and scented with lemongrass..


Stir Fried Beancurd with Basil Leaves

Stir Fried Beancurd with Basil Leaves cooked with minced chicken. The whole dish is fragrant and the beancurd taste just yummy and flavorful…


Steamed Fish with Lime and Chili

Steamed Fish with Lime and Chili is one of my favourites and I was just delighted to get to indulge in this on a buffet line…

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Some of the other mains that were served as well….

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There is a Tom Yam Soup station where you can select from the yellow mee, kuey teow, vermicelli  and / or your choice of seafood… which are prawns, squids, filament sticks and fishballs and then your choice of the clear Tom Yam soup or the Red and slightly spicier one…. My opinion on this…. Hmm .. the soup is flavorful enough and comes with served with slices of oyster mushrooms taste nice, but knowing the real ala carte Tom Yam soup Chakri Palace really serves, this one pales a bit…The real Tom Tam Goong which you order here off the main menu at Chakri Palace is seriously really one of the best….

There are also satay and the accompanying condiments as well as a selection of ikan bakar…Try one of the ikan kembung bakar with some of the accompanying sauce.. the taste is pretty unique.. a little too salty to be eaten just like that but if eaten with rice, it is pretty nice…

The Mango Sticky Rice here consist of sticky pulut rice that is green in colour because of the added pandan. Drench with some nice rich coconut milk and sweet and slightly sour mango. I think it is not too bad… but well, I do not quite know how to appreciate this dish in the first place… hahahah


Red Rubies

Red Rubies has always been my favourite Thai dessert and this came with jackfruit in it. Perfect in my opinion….

Here are some pictures of other desserts…..though these are not the only ones… there are also lots of kuih and so on…..


You shouldn’t miss Chakri Palace’s special Ramadhan offer. Get an early bird discount of RM20nett when you book online at berbuka.chakri.com.my from now to 9th June 2016. There is also a 5+1 dining where you just have to pay for 5 people and someone gets to eat for free. This is of course ideal for family of 6 or friends choosing to break fast together…

Prices for Ramadhan buffet :-

Chakri Palace KLCC  – RM91.90 (RM47.90 for senior citizen and children)

Chakri Palace Pavilion – RM79.90 (RM39.90 for senior citizen and children)

For more info, head over to www.chakri.com.my

Anyway, all in all, I will say that this is an ideal place to break your fast and have a good meal here with friends or loved ones.. and come Ramadhan I will be headed back there for a lovely dinner again with my family….

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