Let the Games begin at Lost World of Tambun

If you are not headed anywhere overseas for the school holidays which have began, ’tis the time to take a step back, take a break and treat yourself and the kids or your family and friends to an unforgettable epic school holiday at Lost World of Tambun. Forget about your  work or school commitments and take a couple of day off all those meetings and revisions and head over to the only theme park in Southeast Asia with natural hot springs, a self-contained wonderland cocooned by lush tropical jungle, seven thrilling parks and breath-taking limestone features of 400 million years of age.

Do challenge yourselves and take part in their seven Olympic themed game stations and collect stamps to win mysterious prizes.

  1. Daredevil’s Task – Put your senses to the ultimate test and you take on obstacles without your sight.
  2. Pandora’s Box – With only your sense of touch guess what the box conceals.
  3. FoodSpin Hula – Multitasking has never been this fun, get your partner to spin a hula hoop on one hand and try to feed you with a fake fruit with that same hand.
  4. Balloon Boxer – Try your best to punch water balloons thrown your way by a crew from a balcony.
  5. Lost World’s Top Model – Think you can strut the runway? Put on your best swimwear and cat-walk on a floating mat at the pool within a given time.
  6. Drowzy Numbers – Have your world into a spun into a vortex, and head to a randomly selected number in a dizzy state.
  7. Red Bull’s Racing Stimulator – Get behind the wheel and be the fastest racer on the speedway.

These activities start from 11am until 5pm daily from 28th May 2016 until 12th June 2016.  Participants have to be age of seven years and above, but for those below the age of 18, parents or guardian’s approval is needed beforehand.

While you are there with your friends and family, do not miss all those must-go attractions:

  1. Adventure River – relaxing water ride at the Asia’s longest river at 660 meter length with wave effects while enjoying the sight of natural beautiful caves with extravagant water features expecting a little surprise twist
  2. Adventure Express – hop into our ancient locomotive as it takes you and your family on a journey past majestic ruins
  3. Tin Valley – take a journey back through time as you learn the heritage of Perak – tin mining
  4. Petting Zoo – the haven for all kinds of animals such as Tapir, peacocks, parrots and many other 50 species to range freely in their natural habitats. Make friends with Ruby the raccoon, pet and play with the animals.
  5. Tiger Valley – meet Putra and Jazz, our very own Siberian Tiger brothers

Join our many rides to get a boost of adrenaline:

  1. Cliff Racer – slide down Indiana Jones style at maximum speed
  2. Dragon Flights – take a “flight” and be intrigued by the scenery as you get swung in the air
  3. Tube Raiders – wind our way down from the top of the giant water slides
  4. Storm Rider – get on the pirate boat which will swing you 180 degrees
  5. Lupe’s Adventure – dry up at the Perak’s first roller coaster ride

Adults would be delighted  to just indulge in the Lost World of Tambun’s Hot Springs & Spas that provides various types of minerals for your body.

  1. Steam Cave – acts as a sauna where it helps cleanses your body and improves body circulation
  2. Foot Spa – sooth your feet with reflexology pebbles
  3. Infinity Pool – at a temperature of 40 °C, this pool can accommodate up to 300 people and is surrounded by the serene and calming sounds of the volcanic waterfall
  4. Jacuzzi Pools – nourish yourself with three relaxing and invigorating Jacuzzis with temperature ranges from 47 – 50°C
  5. Crystal Spa – within the privacy and comfort of your own massage hut, choose from the many specialty massages such as body scrub, aromatherapy massage, aromatic beauty care, body relaxing spa and many more!

Once the sun sets, spend the night at Lost World Hotel, for some comfortable and perfect snooze after your long day of adventure. Get a good rest only to awaken refreshed with the park’s crisp fresh air and a spectacular view of lush hills encapsulated with morning mist and the abundance of nature.

The operational hours will be from 11:00am to 6:00pm every Monday to Friday, 10:00am to 6:00pm every Saturday and Sunday. The Lost World Hot Springs by Night operates from 12:00nn – 11:00pm every Monday to Sunday. The park is closed every Tuesday except during Malaysian school and public holidays.

More information can also be obtained at Lost World of Tambun’s Facebook page and website: www.facebook.com/lostworldoftambun / www.sunwaylostworldoftambun.com or by calling the park at +605 542 8888.

Note: pictures taken from the Lost World of Tambun’s Facebook Page

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