Kipling’s Summer Pre-Fall 2016 Collection


When I was invited to check out the launch of Kipling’s Summer Pre-Fall 2016 collection, I was thrilled beyond words… After all who do not know how attractive, colourful and drool-worthy the array of handbags, backpacks, luggage and accessories are, as well as the amazing quality of the crinkled nylon fabric material used to make those bags….

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Oh yes, I am a huge fan for sure.. even if I cannot afford those luggages or back packs because I am just not rich enough yet… but I do own one or two handbags / sling bags and a couple of pouches…. And I just very possessive over my Kipling bags / pouches…. Hahahah


Sighhh…. now if only I could own one of those wheeled bags, those luggage bags, won’t my life be so perfect… imagine proudly showing off my gorgeous Kipling while traveling to interesting or exotic places,…..won’t I be the object of other people’s envy because I own such a gorgeous and durable bag…


Kipling , was founded by three Belgisch designers who named the brand after Rudyard Kipling, who wrote the Jungle Book and the brand gets it’s inspiration from those cheeky, spirited monkeys in the story…


Anyway, the Kipling’s Summer Pre-Fall 2016 collection brings us on a journey to the City Jungle where we are encouraged to explore and search for hidden treasures while keeping our essentials stashed safely in Kipling’s sturdy and oh so pretty bags…


We were at the Lepaq Lepaq to check out the glorious collection of mouthwatering bags… (Given half a chance I really would love to walk out of the place with at very least half a dozen of those gorgeous bags…So hey, when can I wake up to find half a million ringgit or more in my bank account, or never mind, a few tens of thousands should do the trick also….


There were also a lovely fashion show with beautiful and one very handsome model who drew our eyes to them as well as the lovely bags they were toting…


And well… when the fashion show was over and we watched with jealous eyes as some selected celebrities who were selected as Friends of Kiplings showed off their new Kipling bags of their choice…. And they were so happy of course, because Kipling Makes Happy!!!


A bright, happy bag is what everyone needs… perhaps something that symbolises optimism accentuated by shades of red, orange, buttercup and wild rose like the Maelissa S…. Or we could just head on for an adventure that can free our spirits with a wheeled bag inspired by the lush greens of the jungles, with some bright pop colours that reminds us of exotic birds and reptiles , perhaps the Art M or the Cyrah S

If you have younger siblings or little kids at home, you might love to check out the Clas Seoul backpack , with bright colours and roomy compartments that makes it sturdy yet friendly for kids…

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A few of us were lucky enough to hop on to the Kipling Summer bus which took us for a quick tour around the golden triangle to revisit familiar sights in a different view point, on top of the open air Hop On Hop Off bus with monkeys all over it….


Talking about monkeys, throughout the month of June, be sure to keep an eye out and spot the Kipling Summer Bus to take part in the ‘Count the Kipling Monkeys’ contest, where you could just be the lucky one and walk away with awesome Kipling bags…. But if you do not want them never mind, let me be the one….. hahahah

Ok, how to enter this contest….

Easy peasy…  just catch the Kipling’s Summer Bus at any Kipling roadshows and activities….

So how many monkeys can you find on the exterior of the bus, count them and then submit your entry with a creative caption through Kipling’s Facebook page…..

Do not forget to take a selfie with the Kipling Summer Bus or with the Kipling monkey on the bus and upload it to your Instagram with the hashtags #MyKipling and #KiplingSummerFun16 to redeem exclusive Kipling merchandise on the spot…

and yes…. Buy that favourite Kipling bag of yours that is worth more than RM500 and you could just be headed on a trip somewhere with more than RM30,000 worth of flight tickets…. wait… wait… I am coming…

For more information, do check out Kipling Malaysia over

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