Review: Me’Nate Steak Hub Istimewa Ramadhan

So I was over at Me’nate Steak Hub which is located at the Starparc Point in Setapak, and if you are wondering where it is, it is directly in front of the Setapak Central Mall, formerly known as KL Festival City.. The restaurant is located facing Jalan Genting Klang…

Me’nate Steak Hub might look like a simple restaurant with it’s  no frills interior  but trust, me , it is actually heaven for all you carnivores out there who relish the thought of sinking your teeth into really  mouth-watering, succulent meat!!! The food is really great…and don’t just take my word for it….go head over to one of the branches and check it out yourselves!! And you will know what I mean…

It was my first time there and it was thanks to an invitation by the restaurant via a blogger friend, and I was at first kind of skeptical as to what to expect as I did not know much about this restaurant.. except that it went kinda popular after getting dissed by some not that famous celebrity…

Then again, the owner is said to have been in the meat business about 9 years now after the owner returned from having worked in the United Kingdom for 10 years as master butcher chef to Queen Elizabeth II. Pretty impressive resume I have to admit…but we are not starting a gossip or any such thing…

After familiarizing myself with the restaurant while taking some photos, and exploring the restaurant (and even the kitchen – with the management’s permission of course) gave me an idea as to what it was all about… and the management and kitchen team are all definitely dedicated people, who intend to give their customers the best…

And of course, when I mean the best… there is of course, the best beef in town… the Wagyu…. as well as other different cuts and types of beef such as the Black Angus, grain fed beef, grass fed beef etc…etc… It all depends on your budget and palate…if you have a limited budget, go for the chicken or just the grass fed or grain fed beef… but if you have unlimited budget and crave for nothing but the best, you really have to get the Wagyu…..

On a regular day, you can actually pick and select your choice of meat for them to grill it for you and well, your choice of how rare or well done you want your meat as well as your choice of side dishes to accompany your meal…

I was there however to check out their Ramadhan Specials… and oh what fabulous and filling sets they are…  Me’nate is offering 6 different sets of beef, lamb and chicken which is perfect for a family of 4-6 people or when you choose to dine with your friends and colleagues.

The meal sets come in gigantic portions and given heavenly names…. *giggles* I mean it…. Well.. let’s see… Heavenly Lamb, Heavenly Beef, Heavenly Chicken…. Isn’t it just soooo heavenly..

Your choice of meat – beef , lamb or chicken comes on a bed of the Nasi Me’nate which is made from specially imported basmati rice.. someone once told me this long, long rice looks so unique… hehehe… The Nasi Me’nate is definitely fragrant and pretty flavorful, as it is cooked with an assortment of spices some what like the briyani, with cashew nuts, raisins, etc…. absolutely heavenly….

Let’s take a closer look at the oh-so-aptly named heavenly sets, and yes, they are heavenly as they are named… for each of the meat have been painstakingly marinated with Me’nate’s secret marinate and cooked over slow fire for about 8 hours.…

Heavenly Beef Short Ribs Set (RM300)

picture taken from Me’nate Steak Hub’s FB page -I stupidly deleted all mine…. huhuh

Heavenly Beef Wagyu Spare Rib Set (RM400)

Heavenly Lamb Shoulder Set (RM350)

Heavenly Lamb Shank Set (RM350)

Heavenly Whole Grilled Chicken Set (RM99)

And the last but not least set is the Group Steak Set… (individually priced at RM80 per pax)

The Groups Steak Set comes with a selection of beef, lamb or grilled chicken. It will come in a set with salad, coleslaw, mashed potato, spaghetti aglio olio or the Nasi Me’nate and the sauces for the meat…It is definitely a very filling meal…

Sauces comes in a choice of black pepper sauce (yummehh…..!!), mushroom sauce (love it!!) and mint sauce.. Seriously I love both the black pepper sauce and mushroom sauce and will mix both up with my meat….

My thoughts? I love all the dishes and have absolutely no complaints whatsoever except for the fact that I couldn’t eat that much… huhuhu… the lamb shoulder and lamb shank was really good -well seasoned and cooked to perfection, so that what you taste is just juicy succulent meat that is just flavourful; the short ribs was lovely, the wagyu was even more better (if such a thing was possible, but well, it is in the meat…of course) and the chicken was just perfectly grilled too. I love the Nasi Me’nate and oh…. the Spaghetti Aglio Olio was just lovely!!

All sets come with bubur lambuk Me’nate, dates, free flow of drinks (hot and cold) and fruits… and I heard that you can get some side dishes for free with the Ramadhan sets….

Me’nate Steak Hub

Setapak Branch
Starparc Point,
Jalan Taman Ibukota,
Off Jalan Genting Klang,
53300 Kuala Lumpur
T : 03-41318121
Ampang Jaya Branch
No 16 Jalan Kerja Air Lama Satu,
Taman Shuet Liang,
68000 Ampang Jaya,
Kuala Lumpur
T/F : 03-42513460
 Wangsa Maju Branch
25 Jalan Delima 12,
Wangsa Link,
Wangsa Maju,
53300 Kuala Lumpur
T: 03-42513460

For more details , call their hotline : 019 391 1047, 019 477 1047 or 019 261 1047 or check out their FB page

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