mobeego™ – your smartphone’s energy booster

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Have you experienced that sinking feeling when you glance at your smartphone and note that the battery level is hovering into the red zone indicating your mobile phone is about to die when you are nowhere near a plug point and forgot your powerbank? Happens to me!!!…

Many people feel stressed and frustrated when their smartphones run out of battery. Some of these people who were asked confessed to having a bad experience caused by a dead smartphone, such as missing an important call, making a loved one angry and losing access to much needed information


This is not surprising I think, considering how our smart phones are practically only less important than water and comes ahead of even food, access to television or radio… Yup, there are times our smartphone is much more important to us then even food…..

If you have ever gone through the pain of having a dead smartphone and also a dead powerbank… you know what I mean…


mobeego™ is an affordable, single-use, cordless battery that provides an instant shot of power for your phone, so you can stay mobile whenever and wherever.

mobeego™ is made by NASDAQ-listed Life Clips Inc. It is an innovative one-time charger which does not require any pre-charging nor the use of cumbersome cords.


mobeego™ is derived from the word “mobile”, “bee” and “go”. Bees are known to be hardworking insects and seems to have an endless source of energy with a lifelong goal of persistent servitude. The yellow colour also symbolizes emergency, just the kind of situation whereby mobeego™ can be your emergency battery charger that gives you an instant shot of power to your mobile phone when needed.

mobeego™ is brought in to Malaysia by Kelvin Hun and Edric Foong, the founders of Veloster Technology, a local company that specialises in cutting-edge devices and technological gadgets.

Considered very similar to an “energy drink” for mobile phones, mobeego™ charger is designed with two elements.


One is a re-usable ultra-compact adapter, which is suitable for Google Android and Apple iOs smartphones that connects to the phone’s charging outlet. The second element is the battery can (shaped to look like a can of an energy drink) or charging unit, which is mounted onto the adapter that attaches to the phone.

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To use mobeego™, simply connect the can to your smart phone via the adaptor….

It is just so simple… tear of the sticker at the disposable can

Connect your mobeego™ adaptor to the disposable can

Do not forget to switch on the adaptor. The first time I used it I was wondering why my phone was not charging, and then I realized I did not turn on the adaptor.. Sighhh…. You will know it is switched on by the green light that is slightly visible..

Connect it to your smart phone (for about 40-50 min.). mobeego™ may become warm in use. This is normal.

*You could stop the charging at any time and keep mobeego™ for the future use.

When you finish using the can, keep the adaptor and recycle the can at one of our participating locations. The adaptors are completely reusable, so the next time you’re running low on battery, all you need to do is just use or buy more mobeego™ cans!


mobeego™ is packaged as follows:-

mobeego™ Single Shot – a reusable adapter and one battery can, which is priced at RM29 each.

mobeego™ Refill – a single battery can for people who already have the adapter, which is priced at RM10 each.


mobeego™ Pack – consists of 6-battery cans, which is priced at RM55 each.

It is small and compact for convenient use, and can be easily stored in pockets, purses, backpacks and briefcases. Similar to an energy drink that keeps you going throughout the day, mobeego™ can power a smart phone up to 4 hours* of usage.

This ingenious product has a 10-year shelf life, hence you can keep the batteries on hand even after prolonged storage.

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mobeego™ offers convenience and safety, and an immediate solution to complement our busy lifestyle of today’s mobile consumers who often carry multiple devices at one go.

I know some people say it might be cheaper to have a powerbank , and I kind of agree, but there are times your powerbank fails you as well or there are times when you are frequently on the go, such as times when you are traveling or hiking or camping in the wilderness, backpacking and so on… when there is nowhere you can plug your phone in let alone your powerbank… just bring a couple of mobeego™ packs and you are good….

And there are also moments when bringing a powerbank out to some fancy party or when you are joining a marathon, fun run or any sports activities can be a real hassle or pain…

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And well, lets face it, powerbanks can be pretty bulky at times… and you also cannot get a fully charged powerbank from the closest convenient store..

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Currently you can just head over to the nearest stores for a can. The distributors are looking forward to expanding mobeego™’s availability to even more stores and new markets such as check-out counters in pharmacies, grocery stores, cafes, magazine kiosks, shopping malls, airports and other places where people shop in the near future. So the next time you are running low on battery, just grab a can from the stores, plug it in and go

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For more information, kindly visit or its official Facebook page: or its official Instagram page: @MoBeeGo_Malaysia

12 thoughts on “mobeego™ – your smartphone’s energy booster

  1. very interesting. I love the concept. but when it comes to batteries… I worry about the waste and environmental harm it will cause to use this.. How can it be good for the environment to throw used battery away so easily…


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