Travel Neccessities : A Pocket WiFi

If you are someone who likes to get on social media all the time, or want to keep in touch with other family members and friends without worrying too much about roaming charges etc.. via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WeChat, SnapChat and so on, kinda like me, then when you are traveling somewhere, anywhere, you really need a pocket WiFi in your back pack.  For me, a pocket WiFi is quite important when traveling.


I agree, that you can find Wi-Fi networks in many places… in subway stations, coffee shops, restaurants and hotels, shopping malls, even out in the open street in Seoul. And this means that you can go online from your mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or laptop, indeed any portable device, in most places but there are also plenty of times when the WiFi is not that reliable as there are many points when I cannot do what I want to do and was grateful I had my Pocket WiFi with me… You also need to be wary of what you do over the free open public WiFi as it could cause some security problems.


Some of the benefits of using Pocket WiFi would include being able to connect to multiple WiFi connectable devices, such as my daughters phones, my own phone, my laptop etc…enjoy unlimited WiFi access anywhere at all…, and it is so convenient to just bring it anywhere.. I slipped it into my waist pouch, handbag and even back pack to my own convenience…

When you rent a Pocket Wifi, you will get a device holder pouch, a WiFi router, a travel adapter and a charging cable, but you only need to carry the WiFi router around when on the go. Just leave the rest in your hotel/hostel room.


The Pocket WiFi can last about 6 hours so we have to use it sparingly and shut it off when we do not need it so we can use it when we need it…


Here are some moments when I updated my social statuses with the help of the Pocket WiFi… well, there have been plenty others and my eldest daughter and I just love to ‘check in’ at wherever we are at while traveling partly to let our friends and family members know and perhaps for a bit of bragging rights??!! Hehehe


If you have realize by now the necessity of a pocket WiFi, be sure to check them out… for me, personally, I am so grateful that I had the Pocket WiFi with me on my trip as a trusted and handy companion for keeping in touch with my family members and friends as well as update my trip over social media..


Call : +6011-2801 9487

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