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I always feel like a trip to LEGOLAND is never complete without a stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel. Fortunately for me, I have had two trips to LEGOLAND and both trips involved a lovely stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel that has well, etched a special place in my memories…


The most recent trip I took to LEGOLAND was with the Gaya Travel Magazine to check out the beginning of the latest ride coming soon in November, the LEGO Ninjago ride that is a hand-gesture-based ride (the first in the world!!!) which will allow anyone to wield elemental powers to defeat the enemies and monsters…. This is something I am so looking forward to!!!

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Stepping down from our chartered bus and facing the very colourful and majestic LEGOLAND Hotel always gives me a feeling of awe, and a chance to let my inner kid out. During my first trip, I had my husband and younger daughter with me, but this time I was with my blogger friends…as well as other members of the media.

Most of us naturally got trigger happy with our cameras… as we went through the entrance into the lobby where a huge Pirate ship and a knight’s castle towering into the sky was.



The wall behind the reception is also another place to ogle as there are about 12,528 LEGO figurines on display on the wall……with a bigger figurine on a bicycle which has magnifying glasses on its wheel so you can take a look at some of the mini figurines behind better…

Anyway, during the time you are staring at the figurines, the receptionist would have checked you in and handed you your room key card(s)

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Heading to the lift, you will pass many LEGO creations including even a gorgeous picture frame of Malaysia’s various landmarks all made by LEGO!!


And yes, for LEGO enthusiasts, do NOT forget to check out the LEGO shops here as well as you can find limited edition LEGOs you cannot find elsewhere….

The lounge area is also made from soft giant LEGO bricks… LOL… if you are here and you still cannot let your inner kid out, you must be living a too serious and dull life!!! Yeah!! Seriously??!! Let go of all proprieties and let loose for the 24 or 48 hours you are here!!!


After checking in, my roomies and I consisting of the bubbly Qasehsu ( and young and sweet Bella ( who somehow had the patience to put up with two ‘tak sedar diri’ much older ladies in the same room… we headed to the lifts. Getting into the lifts at LEGOLAND Hotel is always a hoot… there are different themes in the lifts and different songs.. but it is always a party time inside the lift…with disco balls, lights and music… hahah

As I said earlier, a stay here in LEGOLAND Hotel is guaranteed to to forever be engraved in your memories…it is something you and your family will never forget…

And at LEGOLAND Hotel, there are 249 themed rooms … so check out which themed room you will be staying in….

Pirate Themed

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There is the Pirate themed room where you can step into your own pirate cabin decked out with pirate bedding, curtains, wallpaper and even Polly, a LEGO parrot….

Kingdom Themed Suite

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Then there is also the Kingdom themed room, fit for a Prince or a Princess… decked in bunting, shields, flags and all a royal need…

I got the chance to stay in the Adventure themed room….

Stepping into the Adventure floor can make you imagine you are Indiana Jones or some explorer embarking on some adventure and hunt for hidden treasures…

And then somehow I stumbled into some luxurious pyramid…but I swear I bet the Pharoahs of ancient times was never this contented or comfortable as I am in my room on my bed…..  Yeah, I bullied my roomies and made the king-sized bed mine….I needed more privacy as I did not want to disturb my roomies when I wake up at the God forsaken hours  the wee morning to do my things… as well as I like sleeping with the lights on and well… this was kind of a pre-birthday trip for me… hahaha

And my side of the room had a desk, a chair, a sofa (for one), TV and a refrigerator. I also had a nice view of the park… check out my views (especially gorgeous during sunset and morning)

Qasehsu and Bella became my kids for the day and delegated to sleep in the separate semi-private room (which can actually sleep up to three kids) . There is a lovely bunk bed there as well as a pull-our trundle bed and they have their own TV there… hahha…

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There is even a tic-tac-toe kinda entertainment unit, a treasure box I could not resist pillaging (on my daughter’s orders) and a box of Duplo blocks to play… but well, understandably none of us played with the Duplo blocks… hahahaha


The toilet/bathroom comes with two sinks, one for the adults, and one for the kiddies, with amenities packed in adorable LEGOLAND packaging.. at a lower level, a toilet and well, a shower stall with a decent shower with good water pressure… there is nothing more disappointing then a shower with terrible water pressure right… hahaha..

Be forewarned though.. there is a giant scorpion and tarantula in the toilet….Arrrggghhhh….. oh wait.. they are made from LEGO, of course…hahah


The closet came with a safe, iron, ironing board, and well, bedroom slippers and robes for two adults and two kiddies…

There were complimentary coffee and tea making facilities (with pretty exotic teas) and mineral water provided as well as a small bag of cookies…


Well, LEGOLAND Hotel consists of 234 themed/ fully themed rooms, 7 Pirate Deluxe rooms, 8 Kingdom Suites… there are LEGO features throughout the hotel which will thrill everyone and you’d love the exit/entrance to and from the LEGOLAND theme park as well…

There is also a children’s play area which is brimming with interactive LEGO games and activities the Hotel has from time to time with over 100,000 LEGO bricks, a lovely swimming pool which I did not quite have the time to check out this trip as we were hard pressed for time and I was preoccupied elsewhere… and a couple of restaurants in the hotel that serves a variety of scrumptious cuisines to tempt every palate…

Psst… some one and her friend misbehaved at dinner and could not stop taking smoked duck and smoked salmon…. as well as other yummy food… hahahaha


I loved my room and that is for sure… my bed is just so super comfortable and I loved the view from my room… the food is also delicious and I just love the spread… and of course, I loved my roomies.. hahaha

If I had to rate it, it is definitely a 10/10!!! Thanks Gaya Travel Magazine and LEGOLAND Malaysia for hosting me….

For more details, do check out

You really have to come here at very least once in your life with your friends or family and give them a treat they will never forget… or if you can afford to, as often as you can, because well, life is just so short, so live life lah and make it fun!!!!  Just don’t act and live like a zombie….

As to how to get here to LEGOLAND, please click HERE

Thanks for dropping by and bye for now….










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