Thanks Nature Cafe (Sheep Cafe)


If you are in search for something unique in Seoul, you might like to check out the sheep cafe located near the Hongik University. My youngest daughter was adamant on visiting it since she knew of its existence while I was looking up places to visit in Seoul.

We headed there after a pretty exhausting day visiting the Gyeongbokgung Palace, Jongmyo Shrine, National Palace Museum, Hard Rock Cafe, Lotte Mall etc..etc… and our legs were almost giving out after the thousands of steps we took… 

It was not too hard looking for the cafe..head up the hill towards the Hongik University’s main gate.

The cafe is located in the basement level of the Cafe Cantata building on your left via a set of stairs — look for the cafe’s sign and sheep photos

This little cafe has two very fluffy sheep in an enclosure outside the air conditioned cafe where customers can chill and relax with a drink and a snack.

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The cafe is pretty has a nature theme, with light-coloured timber and neutral colours with lots of sheep figurines and soft toys.


The cafe’s boss who is also the sheep’s owner is a Korean gentleman. And it is obvious he loves his 2 pet sheep and treats them with care and patience, checking them from time to time for signs of distress or moodiness. And yes, the sheep can be quite ill tempered at certain times…

It was a treat touching real sheep with their wooly coats… and these sheep are quite well kept and clean…

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The sheep are well kept outside in a clean and heated (in the winter) sheep pen  and are said to be  on rotation and changed every 6 months.

FYI, sheep symbolises kindness, humility and respect for parents in South Korea…..

The desserts are slightly pricey for Malaysians like me, but I think it is still worth it as they use the best ingredients.. the ice cream are Haagen Dazs…and loaded  with lots of fresh strawberries….


We ordered a Pomegranate Ade 5,000 won (RM17.45), which was my younger daughter’s choice….


I could not resist ordering the Strawberry Waffle 10,000 won (RM34.85) – a real treat for my senses…. in sight, smell and taste… huhuhu.. what is not to like about fresh waffles loaded with whipped cream, fresh juicy strawberries and a generous scoop of Haagen Daz’s vanilla ice crea….


and my eldest daughter ordered herself a Strawberry Ice Flake 9,000 won (RM31.35)  that came served in a Pyrex measuring cup..

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 You have to love the desserts as they are very generous with the Haagen Daz ice cream, whipped cream and succulent fresh Korean strawberries….


Water / sky juice is on free flow as it is practically everywhere in Seoul, unlike here in Malaysia…..where a glass of plain water now cost anywhere from RM0.20 to RM1.50

We had some funny memorable moments there at the Thanks Nature Cafe when one of the sheep decided my dry hair looked like hay and started trying to chew it… and another time when one of them headbutted my elder daughter and then proceeded to start curling her lips at us, much to our confusion…. and only did we find out it was because she wanted to poop…..LOL

It definitely was a fun, unique and enjoyable experience… and I recommend it to animal lovers….

Thanks Nature Cafe (aka Sheep Cafe) : Seogyo Prugio Apartment store B121) 121 B1, 486, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu

How to get there: By subway —  Take Hongik University Subway Station (Line 2), Exit 9. Make a left turn once out of the subway and go up hill at the first intersection towards Hongik University’s main gate. The cafe is located in the basement level of a building on your left via a set of stairs — look for the cafe’s sign and sheep photos.

18 thoughts on “Thanks Nature Cafe (Sheep Cafe)

  1. Thanks for the cool tip. I’m currently writing a guide to living in Korea, and am always on the lookout for fun/quirky things to do, especially things that kids would enjoy. This seems like a nice addition. I’ll try to check it out the next time I’m up in Seoul.

    I also blog and write about Korea. My latest post talks about what I’ve been working on. Check it out if you have a minute:

    Cheers, and blog on!


  2. Is like the dog cafe in Bangkok, whereby you can play with their pets and also enjoy the nice food. It a bit pricey for their food.


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