The Ghostbusters Adventure-Live at Sunway Lagoon

Yours truly was at Sunway Lagoon a couple of days ago to check out the new Lynton V. Harris Scream Park as it unveiled the first Ghostbusters attraction of its kind in the world, The Ghostbusters Adventure Live!


It began with some interesting and delicious refreshments and slimey snacks before we headed into Horrorwood. My daughter who was accompanied me was having the jitters and butterflies in the stomach of what lay ahead.

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Come to think of it, I think all of us were in some state of fear of the unknown especially when secluded in an area with plenty of dark curtains not knowing where those sinister creatures can pop out from, and the staff were not very cooperative as in being all secretive about it and refusing to divulge the slightest clue….arrrggghhh how frustrating!!!! The nerves….

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“Ghostbusters is one of the top 10 most iconic film franchises of all time, and with the new movie, it will be brought to a whole new generation, making it a perfect headline experience for the Lynton V Harris Scream Park at Sunway Lagoon,” said Lynton V. Harris, Chairman & CEO The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company.

The Ghostbusters inclusion into the park is said to be the biggest annual investment to date since the launch of Scream Park some seven years ago. Among the highlights of this latest attraction is the interaction between visitors and a cast of live actors who play seasoned ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘ghosts’.

The attraction is located on the entire top level of Scream Park and will takes you on a 20-minute harrowing journey through locations based on the relaunch of the movie.


Beware… even at the start of the journey, you will get spooked.. one funny moment was  at the start…

One of the Ghostbusters crew jumped out right in front of us and said: “Something strange in the neighbourhood, who you’re gonna call?”

My little girl who got spooked, whimpered,  “Why does it have to be me?”

Then the flustered crew member said: “Ok I’m gonna go in and come back again”

She jumped out right in front of us for the second time and said: “Something strange in the neighbourhood, who you’re gonna call?”

My daughter replied: “Uh…uh…. Ghostbusters?”

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The journey kicks-off at the Slimer’s pad, filled with cool Ghostbusters memorabilia, followed by Aldridge Mansion – New York’s oldest private home and museum, where a tour guide will introduce the spooky story of Gertrude Aldridge.

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A detour takes visitors to New York Subway’s Seward Street Station and alight to visit Old Zhu’s Chinese Restaurant, the new headquarters of the new all-female Ghostbusters.

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Rowan’s basement is next on the agenda, followed by the infamous Mercado Hotel, set in iconic Times Square in New York, where guests will face a spooky, scary and slimy finale to their journey. You definitely will have to know ‘who to call’ after making your way through all that as a junior ghostbuster…

Sunway Lagoon continues its successful partnership with Lynton V Harris & The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company, adding Ghostbusters to a long list of popular blockbuster themed attractions previously present inside Scream Park including Terminator, Night at The Museum, Prison Break LIVE! And World War Z.


The Ghostbusters Adventure Live! at Lynton V. Harris Scream Park opens today  on the 14th of July 2016. Opening hours will be from 11:00am to 6:00pm daily.


Do visit Sunway Lagoon and enjoy the new spooky adventure along with all those fun adventures along with over 90 rides and attractions at RM150 for those aged 12 years and above, and RM120 for those below the age of 12 years.

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So who you gonna call for all these fun? Sunway Lagoon at +603-5639 000 or visit Sunway Lagoon’s website at

(Pardon the blurry and grainy images.. I am not yet able to get a good and sharp camera to take great pictures in speed and dim light conditions..huhu… hope someone can sponsor me one… someday…)

11 thoughts on “The Ghostbusters Adventure-Live at Sunway Lagoon

  1. It’s funny that even though we know these are not real ghosts, we still will feel afraid or scream out suddenly. I want to go and check it out personally!


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