Review: Pancake House International treats


Pancake House International pride themselves for making perfect pancakes for over 40 years, using only premium flour, the creamiest butter and farm fresh milk and eggs, assuring that their diners get only the fluffiest, melt-in-your-mouth pancakes, every time.

I was there at the Pancake House International over at Paradigm Mall and I have to say I truly love the ambience there, which is warm because of the orange tones, and well, relaxing with their pretty cozy interior layout with comfortable seats…


 Not a huge fan of pancakes.. or maybe you would prefer some proper food when your kid wants to indulge in those eat pancakes and waffles? Worry not, you can also find hearty comfort meals like pastas, burgers, sandwiches etc and the best taco in town.

Pancake House signature pancakes are available in an assortment of flavours such as banana, chocolate and blueberry pancakes just to name a few, and I ordered the Banana Pancake RM15.45 (for two pieces),  Rm17.70 (for three pieces)…

These were pretty yummy with crushed bananas added into the pancake batter and it comes served with a dollop of butter, a sliced into two banana and some clear banana flavoured syrup.

I noted special items on the menu such as the Smoked Golden Tinapa and Daing Na Bangus, dishes serving deboned Milkfish which is found only in the Philippines and contemplated on trying them, but I did not this round as I was kinda craving for pancakes… perhaps the next round….

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My daughter ordered the House Special Set RM26.60, which is basically a delicious mix of Pancake House Specials.. It comes with 1 pc of the Best Taco In Town, House Spaghetti with Garlic Bread, 1 pc Pan Chicken and a little plate of 3 pieces of pancakes and a refreshing glass of Iced Peach Tea.. a filling meal indeed….

Did you know Pancake House offers the Best Taco in Town, using the freshest vegetables and tasty minced chicken in a crispy taco shell.

My other half preferred to go for something Western, so we asked for Asparagus Cayenne Soup RM6.55, which was actually surprisingly delicious. It is creamy and truly satisfying with a little dash of cayenne pepper on top of the soup to add some spice in…

Oh yeah… the banana milkshake is mine… RM11.00, or if you want it extra thick and creamy RM12.15, and before you ask me, it is satisfying…….


…and then he ordered the Burger Steak RM15.45 which basically is a succulently grilled beef patty with homemade gravy served with Potato Salad and mixed vegetables… and the Potato Salad was so yummy my daughter ordered an extra helping…


And he ended his dinner with some Hot Tea by The Pot RM8.80 – Earl Grey…..

My thoughts: the food is all good and the pricing is pretty reasonable…and yes, I will pay more visits again in the future…

So you can see, Pancake House is not all about pancakes only… it offers a wide choice of dishes and tastes for Malaysians to experience.

Pancake House Paradigm Mall

Lot 2F-32, 2nd Floor
No 1, Jalan SS7a/26a, Kelana Jaya
For more info, check out:

6 thoughts on “Review: Pancake House International treats

  1. My friend has kept asking me to eat here but I have declined so far because I cannot imagine eating only pancakes. With these photos that you have shared, I don’t think it’s that bad anymore.


  2. I love pancakes and whipped cream and on top of that. Cherry…. lol sorry im starting to imagine my breakfast for tomorrow. 😀 though, i will sure do visit the pancake house when im around the area. 🙂


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