Traveler’s solution for gadgets….

Whenever I travel, I used to bring my laptop, my smart phones, my camera, my extension multiple electrical sockets, phone chargers x 2, battery chargers and my travel adapter…..I am lucky I do not have a tablet, or it would be more chargers and wires.. This takes up half my luggage and despite trying to traveling light, I am forced to bring all these stuff with me….

If you are like me, having to pack all those stuff when traveling, I have great news for you as I recently realize how dumb I was… as now there is a lighter and so much easier way….

Innergie, a brand from Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions has settled this inconvenience for us with its ‘smart crossover charging solution,’ which reimagines charging in the way we know it.


PowerGear ICE 65

New in Malaysia, this innovative charging solution is a portable charging set that enables individuals to charge all their mobile devices with ease and live an on-the-go lifestyle, knowing that they are powered and connected at all times, consisting of three products – PowerGear ICE 65 (travel adapter), WizardTip (attachable super-speed USB charging connector), and LifeHub Plus (a charging hub).

PowerGear ICE 651

The PowerGear ICE 65 is a universal laptop adapter with interchangeable plugs that can tap into the electrical power grid of over 150 countries – ideal for the world traveler who requires maximum mobility. Additionally, the WizardTip can be attached onto the PowerGear ICE 65, creating an instant USB port to charge a mobile device.

PowerGear ICE 652

LifeHub Plus offers an ingenious approach to charging multiple devices. With built-in smart chips, it can detect the type of devices attached and adjust power from its three 2.4A USB ports accordingly.




Derrick Ho, the Director of Innergie SEA, explained that the smart crossover product idea breaks the limitation and is built for expanded capabilities which can meet mobile life, making people’s lives smarter and easier wherever they travel. “At Innergie, we dedicated our time to create a line of charging devices that not only charge your travel gear, but do it with adapters that are a fraction of the size and weight to make it compact and elegant at the same time. With a design this smart and this easy to use, the charging set makes charging a pleasure, rather than a chore.”


PowerGear ICE 65

Do not miss out on the special promotional “Traveler’s Power Pack”, with limited quantities where buyers can purchase the PowerGear ICE 65 (single UK plug) with WizardTip and LifeHub Plus at 20% discount for RM325.60 (UP RM407.00), or purchase the PowerGear ICE 65 (single UK plug) and get a free WizardTip (worth RM39.00) for only RM209.00. The ‘Traveler’s Power Pack’ is available on LAZADA ( and all participating retailer’s outlets.

LifeHub Plus

PowerGear ICE 653

If you want to know what I really like about these three products, it is because they come with a generous original-manufacturer warranty, they are environment-friendly with GreenSense power conservation technology built in and InnerShield power protection safety designs and a product liability insurance of USD1 million!!! Which is great comfort to your mind when it comes to knowing your gadgets, smartphones, powerbank and life, (yeah, your life….) is safe when using these in oppose of using other non genuine or branded products which could explode, catch fire, burn or cause us injuries…

And of course… it makes my luggage so much lighter with less space consumption…and that is why you really should get the “Traveler’s Power Pack”!!!

For more information on participating retailers, please contact Innergie distributors, Afforda Notebook Solution SB (03-8070 8315) and Convergent Distribution (M) SB (03-2144 1881). To find out more about Innergie and Innergie-branded power products, visit


9 thoughts on “Traveler’s solution for gadgets….

  1. I also always have to lug with me all my work tools as I work remotely. This is a good solution. Keen to try it out myself. Thanks for your recommendation.


  2. Well, this is good news for travelers, isn’t it? I travel light, and tend to bring just a phone and my notebook. And it’s true, having to carry around different cords and chargers can be quite annoying. Luckily, my bf is very techy, so he takes care of the gadgets when we go on a trip. I’d definitely suggest the adaptor to him, knowing that it has safety features and on sale!


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