Review: Nong & Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood, Ampang, KL


Yours truly was invited to go to Nong & Jimmy, famous for their BBQ Thai food in Ampang only to find that they have actually relocated from their longtime location in Taman Cahaya to a spacious and more comfortable venue in Kampung Baru Ampang.

I was a bit confused when my waze seem to point me in a strange direction, but well, I am impressed with the new venue, since the old one had a zinc roof and could be quite humid when the weather was hot….this new location in a brick building was a vast improvement for sure..


The building and the interior is yellow and green, with comfortable wooden chairs and tables. Nong & Jimmy now serves lunch and dinner (the old outlet only opened for dinner).


Nong & Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood
Address: 298 c, Jalan 15, Ampang new village, 68000 Ampang Selangor.
Tel: 016-7568058 / 016-6928112
Opening Hours: 12 pm-2:30 pm; 5:30 PM-11 pm


The menu has a new cover …..


And they have a seasonal special menu as well – subject to change


Just as you step into the restaurant, you will be tempted by the tantalizing smells wafting from the BBQ pit where they are BBQing fresh seafood

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One of Nong & Jimmy’s signature must haves if you are a fan of fritters and fried food  would be the Yau Zha Guai (RM7-RM10), a piping hot from the pan plate of golden fritters accompanied with some fragrant Thai pandan kaya.


I did like the Tomyum (White) Seafood (RM22.oo -S, RM37.00 -B). It came  with generous helpings of squid, shrimps and oyster mushrooms. It had the sourish and spicy taste as well, so I have nothing to complain about and I still enjoy this but I really do prefer my  Tomyum with Red soup and creamier…(with a dash of milk)


The Crab Meat Fried Rice (RM10 per person) was yummy. Basically it was very nicely flavored Chinese Fried Rice with generous portion of egg  topped with generous helping of shredded crab meat….I loved it… the crab meat is already originally sweet it really gives the fried rice an ummpphh…


I also found the Hot Basil Leaf Chicken (RM20) quite tasty though it was a little salty and my friends sharing the meal with me contemplated if there were salted fish or salted egg in the mixture…It is actually minced chicken, stir fried with basil leaf, long beans, sliced red chili, baby corn…It can be quite addicting in my opinion as I cannot stop myself from spooning a little of it to put in my mouth…


Another recommended dish for fans of fritters and fried stuff. To be honest, I am not quite a fan of fried food but I cannot stop myself from munching on these Crispy Fried Kangkong (RM15) as well…They taste pretty crunchy and nice dipped in the Thai Chilli sauces with bits of garlic in them which will be on the table…


We had the Curry Steam Stingray (Ikan Pari)(RM35.00) which is pretty much tasty . It did taste somewhat a bit like Asam Pedas but with more curry flavouring…the gravy was just perfect paired with the fresh Stingray and eaten with rice. It is a little spicy, but it depends on your tastebuds… (It is only a little spicy to me- but I am used to eating level 5 spiciness ex: extra spicy ramen / ayam penyet sambal, so to me this is just like a level 2 maybe??)


The must have at Nong & Jimmy would be the BBQ/ grilled crabs ( *season price) which were grilled to perfection… The meat is sweet and succulent. You do not quite need any sauces for dipping, as the subtle sweetness from the succulent flesh is already delicious…but if you want some, you can dip it into the accompanying sweet Thai Chilli sauces with bits of garlic in them

The Thai Laksa (RM10.90) came served with a combination of greens  and for you to do it yourself….. The Laksa soup was served on the side with fishballs in them and this bowl of spicy thick fish gravy will set of an explosion of taste in your mouth. I did like this but not so much with all the greens.. but then again I am that weird woman who likes my greens on a separate. My friends said they felt the bite of the chili which came on after finishing the Thai Laksa… but for me, I barely felt it.. It is probably is a level 3 spiciness in my opinion..

There you have it… Nong & Jimmy is a great place for a good Thai BBQ meal and I really must say I enjoyed my meal a lot….So now you know where to go if and when you are around Ampang and craving for some delicious and good Thai food or BBQ seafood…

7 thoughts on “Review: Nong & Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood, Ampang, KL

  1. Reading this during dinner time when dinner isn’t ready yet is such a bad choice. T_T Even though I’m not a fan of heaty food due to my frequent sorethroat problems, the bbq crab is so tempting!!


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