Review: Serendah Tom Yam, Serendah, Selangor

Wondering what to eat in the sleepy town of Serendah? Well, so was I when I stayed over at the beautiful Carpe Diem Orchard Home Serendah… Then by checking the internet and with the recommendation of Melvin, one of Carpe Diem’s MOD (managers on duty) who said it was his must do whenever he was in Serendah…

Since Carpe Diem was just along the main road, this stall wasn’t that far away. It was barely a 5 minutes drive away.. about just 1-2 km away…I used Waze and found it quickly.. somewhere across the road in an inner road near a stream….


You won’t miss the wooden house with zinc roof and blue tarpaulin canvas.  For the Malays, if you are very particular, you might not want to visit this place as no 1, there are dogs around  and no 2, there is no halal certification….

Don’t judge me….What matters to me most is that it is pork free and I am not that particular about what I eat as I like to travel a lot…

The address: Tom Yam Noodles Serendah, Kampung Datuk Harun, Serendah, Selangor


To quench our thirst, we ordered a couple of glasses of Longan (est RM2.00)  which was refreshing in the humidity. It was sweet as expected, but not too sweet…


My hubby opted for a bowl of Leng Chee Kang (est RM4.00), the Leng Chee Kang comes with generous portions of lychees, cincau, cendul, ice and so on….


My husband is a little weird and he likes ordering side dishes… so we ordered a plate of Chinese Salad stir fried with garlic (est RM10.00)… and gosh… we loved it.. it was so fresh and flavorful…


I love my Japanese Tofu loads… so I ordered a plate, admittedly it was a chicken and duck talk kinda thing since they could not speak Malay much or English much and I could not speak Chinese much… hahahah…. but my Japanese Tofu (est RM13.00) came laden with fresh prawns and it was just so tasty I could not get enough….


And the Tom Yam noodles…. (est RM6.00) these Tom Yam noodles were really super yummy… but somehow they did not add prawns in… I only got generous slices  of cuttle fish, squid and chicken…the soup was flavorful and nice… but to be honest I think it came from the bottle, an authentic Thai brand I used, Tae Pee or something…

They only had a choice of rice vermicelli/ bee hoon, yellow noodles/ mee kuning and what looks like laksa….there was no koay teow so this die hard koay teow fan was slightly disappointed….

I only estimate all the prices here as I paid about RM49.00 for all of that…but yes, I think it was worth it.. I liked the food.. and will visit again when I am there….


10 thoughts on “Review: Serendah Tom Yam, Serendah, Selangor

  1. My husband went to serendah for his friend’s wedding before we got married so i didn’t got the chance to follow him. he said serendah is quite far but the place is totally beautiful.


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