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INFOGRAPHIC - About ShopBack (MY)
I am sure by now many of you must have heard about ShopBack, but just in case you haven’t , do allow me to share with you that ShopBack is a cashback and discount website where you actually can earn money back for whatever you shop or buy….

ShopBack gets paid some commission from their partnered merchants for driving traffic to their site, and in return, ShopBack actually shares that commission with you, the customer, unlike other sites!


And the best thing of all is did you know if you like traveling, that you can actually earn money from all those websites your frequent, that is if you were like me… when I travel, I always visit Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, Agoda and such… and it is only recently I realized how dumb I was and I could have earned some money back from all I have spent there all these while…

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 You can get up to a whooping 30% of CashBack on your flights, hotel bookings, meals, and well shopping for whatever you want, it is like getting paid to shop! And yes, you can actually cash out the cash you got into your preferred bank account once the amount becomes redeemable and provided your redeemable CashBack amounts to RM 10.01 (not including any bonus amounts).

Don’t you think it is an amazing opportunity to earn some CashBack while you are planning for your holiday to enable you to save up for yet another another holiday…I sure like hell do!!! Hahaha….

Just head over to and register, personally, I signed up with my Facebook account for convenience purposes…

If in any doubt, do watch this video:  

You can  find the latest Expedia coupons  , earn cashback with discount codes   and of course, enjoy the best AirAsia promo over at ShopBack’s website…

Do use my referral code here for an extra RM5 discount off whatever you purchase…. 



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