Time for Taiwan

Taiwan is a long,slender island in the Western Pacific Ocean. Portuguese sailors who were navigating near the island back in the mid 16th century saw this island and called out ‘Ilha Formosa’ (Beautiful Island).

Due to  historical and geographical factors, Taiwan has since been influenced by Holland, Spain, China’s Qing Dynasty rulers and Japan since mid-17th century until the Chinese Nationalist government moved to Taiwan in 1949 and began their modernization policy that eventually led to Taiwan’s economy growth.

The beautiful island of Taiwan however has been carefully preserved with fascinating historical sites from various periods as well as modern architecture being developed until Taiwan is what it is today, a beautiful island that has retained traditional Chinese culture along with custom and influences from other cultures….

My pictures weren’t so nice as it was kind of a cloudy day…. and it was a little dreary… but yes, that is Taipei 101 behind me…

Yours truly was blessed to have visited Taiwan before…. And I do so want to visit it again…

Martyr’s Shrine Taipei

Over the recent weekend, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau took part in the MITM Travel Fair 2016 held over at the Mid Valley Convention Centre and also launched their Taiwan Tourism Promotion Programme at the The Boulevard – A St Giles Hotel in Kuala Lumpur which I attended…..

Taiwan is said to be currently at the number 5 spot of the Malaysian’s must visit destination, and it is not surprising as the Taiwan Tourism Bureau has been actively collaborating with the Taiwan Muslim Coordinating  Unit, part of the Chinese Muslim Association in to actively develop Muslim Friendly Restaurant halal certification in a bid to make Taiwan into one of the best international  Muslim-friendly tourist destinations. They have also added the convenience of Suraus and toilet bidets for the comfort of Muslims so that Muslim travellers can travel around in Taiwan with the peace of mind and in comfort.

Halal Bismilla Restaurant…

Lobster from Halal Bismilla Restaurant

 Muslim tourists can now enjoy and indulge their taste buds in a whole variety of dishes from Chinese food, foreign food to unique and delicious snacks without having to worry whether it is halal or not. These halal food can be found anywhere and at any time in restaurants, night markets and even on the streets….

Stinky tofu….

Our very own Celebrity Masterchef, Chef Dato’ Fazley visited Taiwan for the first time recently in May 2016 tried out Onsen Tamago (half matured egg) and he could not get enough of the Stinky Tofu which he thought was unique and very nice, as well as Taiwanese Pineapple cake and Taiwanese Tea …  He also mentioned Shihlin Night Market and the Taipei Fish Market as some of the places he truly enjoyed going to…

At Tamsui’s Fisherman’s Wharf /Love Bridge

At one of the busy streets of Tamsui…..

Personally I had a great time in Taipei, Taiwan and some of the suburbs as well back a few years ago, though I lost a huge portion of my photos when I lost my memory card  on the last day being there… however, and fortunately I still have a few photos  to share, so I really hope I have the opportunity to go back to Taiwan again soon and when I do I will naturally be sharing it with you all here… huhuhu. If you have the opportunity or if you are looking for somewhere to go, you really should go to Taiwan!!!

During the Taiwan Tourism Promotion Programme event, there were also lucky draws and some friends and other guests were just lucky to be able to get free dining vouchers, free accommodation in Taiwan as well as a couple of flight tickets to Taiwan!!!  But unfortunately it was not me… huhuhu….

For more details on Taiwan… do like Taiwan Facebook Page  or check out www.taiwan.net.tw


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