Review: Hugos by Modestos

When I got an invitation to check out the restaurant  from Hugos by Modesto I was thrilled… Now who does not know Modestos.. Personally, I have always been a huge fan of Modestos and of course, the handsome (but married) owner… Modestos Marini… ever since back in 2000 or so.. when I was still working in the Music Industry (Warner Music Malaysia) and would hang out around Jalan P Ramlee there after work at Beach Club or the Grand Modestos then…

And yes, the super swanky and exclusive Marini’s on 57 at Menara Tower 3 in KLCC belongs to the Modestos group as well as my favorite place to have a coffee once in a while, M Marini Caffe in KLCC (though it is more of a champagne and caviar place)…Then there is Marble 8, their glamorous restaurant serving awesome dry aged steaks….

Modestos on the other hand is a joint venture project between Modestos Marini and Bob Wong who started with a concept of a trendy fine-dining restaurant  with abstract murals, interesting decor a chic setting with cozy ambience and al-fresco seating and dining area which won over  the hearts of KL-lites including yours truly… Modestos is the place I love to go to for some good pasta or pizza…..

Hugos by Modestos is of course, the latest offering from both Modestos Marini and Bob Wong…

Hugos by Modestos prides itself for serving up the very best of local, regional and international cuisine with each dish created to satisfy the most discerning palate.

Just walking into the restaurant, you will be at awe of place… Hugos by Modestos is divided into two parts, the bar area with live music, pool table which is more of a ‘lepak’ (hang out) place and a more  contemporary casual modern yet relaxed style area where diners can dine in peace and enjoy the ambiance

I actually liked the eclectic furniture at the far  corner of the restaurant area along with interesting paintings and canvases which decorated the walls which made it a nice place to really chill out, and maybe cosy up to your loved one after a busy day with some great drinks or good food…

Rucola E Insalata Di Pere E Balsamico Con Parmigiano – Rocket Salad with Balsamic and Parmesan Wafers  RM23 . This was pretty nice as salad goes…The Rocket Salad were placed on top of some thinly sliced pears.. I am however not such a huge fan of salads but I found this nice and refreshing……

Speciale Zuppa Del Giorno – Chefs Special Soup of the Day RM18  which was very much like French Onion Soup minus the cheese… It was quite nice and reminded me of the time I loved to indulge with a lot of French Onion Soup during my time in Europe, years ago….

Vietnamese Seafood Stuffed Spring Roll – Served with Nuoc Chan Sauce RM23 . This was really nice… It kinda reminded me of  some fresh and good quality fish paste wrapped in the Penang Lor Bak skin a bit, and a little seaweed wrapped in the middle… Dip it into the Nuoc Chan Sauce… the Nuoc Chan Sauce is probably Vietnamese Chilli Sauce??? Sorry… just playing guessing games.. it taste like Thai Chilli Sauce..heheheh.. but yes, this Vietnamese Seafood Stuffed Spring Roll is yummy!!! More please….

Cannelloni Al Funchi E Parmigiano Con Tartufo – Crepes with Creamy Mushroom and Parmesan Cheese RM32 . When it was served I was wondering what kind of popiah/spring roll it was as it did look like some kind of pale spring roll… take a bite into the Crepes and you will be sighing in wonder… I loved it!!

Premier ½ Roasted Chicken –  Free Range Chicken served with Coleslaw, French Fries and Gravy RM34. To be honest, the chicken seemed a bit small for me for a half chicken… but the flesh was just tender, and well marinated.. I really loved the chicken and the gravy which was also perfectly flavored but it would have been more awesome if it was served with mash potatoes rather then French Fries….

Dragone – Dragon Shaped with Mozzarella, Turkey Ham, Eggs and Mushrooms RM39 . It looked like Godzilla’s head was served to me when my waiter placed the plate on the table.. and I blinked a couple of times as I was checking it out… Don’t blame me but I never saw such a ‘pizza’ before…. it was a calzone but not a calzone… but nevertheless when you cut into the Dragone, and the heat, the mozzarella and other ingredients seeped out… looking kinda off putting as I envisioned what was in Godzilla’s stomach…hahaha…but… take a bite and you’d definitely forget your father’s name… it is just sooooooo nice…

Crepe Suzette – Served Caramelized with a Tangerine Zest and Flambe RM20… I liked this… surprisingly… The crepe is comes with yummy vanilla ice cream, a mixture of warm and cold. And you really have to love the caramelized thick zesty marmalade kinda sauce.

So in my opinion, Hugos by Modestos does not disappoint just like all of the other Modestos chain… the food is good and the price is reasonable in this time and age where everything is just as expensive… and yes, I would absolutely be back to indulge in more…You really should check it out… there are even salsa classes there, a pool table and lots to do with your date or for a great night out with your buddies…

My only complain would probably be that they take a quite a while to serve up your food, but my apologies, I am an unpatient person and dislike waiting too much, but anyway with such mouthwatering food, the wait is pretty much worth it… but it is good if you are on a date and want to take your time with your loved one….. hehehe

Hugos by Modestos
Unit A -G – 01 Ground Floor
Qliq Damansara
Empire Damansara
Jalan PJU 8/8A
Damansara Perdana
017 799 2334

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