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Most of us know that it is important to eat healthy and clean to be able to live a healthy and fulfilling life. But being busy in the rat race or even at home juggling a million and one things can sometimes take up too much of our time and leaving us with not many options to accessing healthy food, unless you are cooking, however, when you are working in the corporate sectors and such, you really are so hard pressed for time….

With this, you would be delighted to know that nowadays  there is a food delivery service that actually prepare, pack and send healthy, clean food that would impress all those who are watching what they are eating and counting calories….

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Food Matters is a healthy food delivery services in Kuala Lumpur, which has been around for quite a little while now… serving up a generous selection of both Asian and Western dishes.

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Food Matters is spear headed by Alexandra Prabaharan who is a certified nutritionist with the American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA) and a Chef. What impresses me about Food Matters would be that it actually is step above the other food delivery services and actually offer us consumers a selection of healthy dishes for lunch at unbelievably quite affordable prices …

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I got to try out 6 dishes …out of curiousity, I ordered 6 to try with my family members…  and they came right at the nick of time at 1pm .

We had some Coconut Curry Chicken Tenders with Salad, where lean chicken tenders are marinated in a curry paste then dredged in cornflakes and baked till crisp and served with a refreshing salad and this was a combination of crispy and succulent juicy chicken. This was my mini me’s favorite as she quickly polished it off in no time…

Then there was the Spicy Thai Chicken and Snow Pea which was lightly stir fried and served with brown rice for a boost of fibre and nutrients. It is a little bit spicy and definitely so yummy. I was sorry to finish it and it left me craving for more….Yeah… am so going to order more of this…

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The Chilli Corn Carne is a Mexican Chili dish packed with lean meat and protein rich beans and comes in  a plastic container with some brown rice… OK, admittedly I am not a fan of beans.. never was… and I even opt for my ais kacang or ABC (Malaysian shaved ice dessert) with without at beans or nuts… but I really loved the gravy loads!!!! It was really so tempting.

 My elder daughter loved the Tomato and Squash Pasta with Meatballs…which consist of penna with lean meatballs made with a homemade nutritious tomato and yellow squash sauce.. simply delectable…

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My hubby loves the Unfried Fried Rice, which is actually healthy brown rice tossed with fresh ingredients, giving it a very appetizing flavour even my fussy husband cannot say no to…

Then last but not least  is the Lentil Salad with Curry Vinaigrette… it is not quite my favorite dish , not because of its taste, but because of my aversion of beans and nuts…but it actually taste nice when I tried it… and this one my youngest daughter finished while watching some TV….

Do you know that one of these Food Matters meals can be so very affordable at just as low as RM10 per meal for monthly subscription ??!!

Even eating McDonald’s and KFC or Nasi Campur can sometimes cost more!!!

OK, for subscription, you can choose commit to one meal a week for a month. You have the choice  to order just a single meal per week for a month, or a complete package that will see all of your weekday lunches covered for the entire month. A daily dose of health works out to cost a mere RM10 per meal, whereas a once a week delivery is still very reasonable at RM14 per lunch.

Consider the health benefits these meals afford you as well as the time you actually save having to prepare these dishes, the price is actually quite a steal!!

You can select what you like to eat for the day from a daily 6 different dishes rotated from 40 different meals served up per week, all pictured with nutritional information on the website

For delivery areas, Food Matters actually send their dishes to many office buildings around KL and even Damansara and PJ, so do checkout   to know if they deliver to your building…

Or for more information and to check out the menu etc, check out :

16 thoughts on “Healthy FOOD MATTERS Delivered to your OFFICE

  1. The photos of the food looks nice but the price is slightly on the pricey end. However, I like a little bit of “unhealthy” in my food for that delicious taste. Haha.. But I think this is a good idea for those working in offices long hours and need some good food to spur their “engine”.


  2. Now the cheapest package has increased to RM11 per meal which is still ok with me. I find most of them delicious. Especially meals Greek salad with couscous and Vietnamese rice noodles. I didn’t like the Mediterranean fish though.


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