Dynasty Mooncakes from Renaissance Kuala Lumpur

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The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Mooncake Festival or Lantern Festival, is one of the major festivals Chinese people around the world celebrate, and dates back over 3,500 years.

People celebrate by giving mooncakes to their friends and neighbours, while the young members of the family take part in lantern parades with their choice of colourful lanterns, either made from paper or battery operated ones.

In Chinese culture, roundness means completeness and togetherness. A full moon symbolizes prosperity and reunion for the whole family. Round mooncakes complement the harvest moon in the night sky at the Mid-Autumn Festival.

You will know its Mid-Autumn Festival when you see mooncakes everywhere in Malaysia. You can see them in supermarkets and hotels, where a variety of mooncakes are offered and sold with pretty and elaborate gift boxes. Admittedly, sometimes I buy mooncakes for the boxes… hahahaha

The mooncake is not just a food but a cultural tradition in Chinese people’s hearts, symbolizing a spiritual feeling. At Mid-Autumn Festival people eat mooncakes together with family, or present mooncakes to relatives or friends, to express love and best wishes.


When yours truly was at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur recently, yours truly could not resist getting some of the mooncakes there….I cannot help it , really, as it was just soooooo pretty and tempting… I swear I could almost hear them beckoning and whispering to me…..

You see, Dynasty Restaurant in Renaissance Kuala Lumpur is offering a selection of 14 types of baked and snowskin mooncakes using pure and natural ingredients.  You can find classics from Low Sugar Assorted Nuts and Seeds, White Lotus Paste with Single Salted Yolk and Pandan Lotus Paste with Single Salted Yolk here just like anywhere else….

However the chefs at Dynasty Restaurant have somehow added their creative spin on these morsels and have created an thrilling medley of original fillings that include the baked Low Sugar Bamboo Charcoal Green Tea Black Sesame plus the snowskin Coffee Paste with Marshmallow and Nuts, White and Black Chocolate Paste with Mixed Nuts and Yam Paste with Single Egg Yolk.

These mooncakes are packaged in very pretty signature premium boxes and is priced at RM138 nett per box with any choice of 4 pieces of traditional mooncake or 6 pieces of mini snow skin and definitely ideal as gifts for business associates, family and friends


Traditional Mooncakes 满福楼月饼系列

Assorted nuts and seeds (low sugar) 低糖五仁月   RM30nett

Pandan lotus paste with single salted yolk 單黃翡翠玉环月      RM28nett

White lotus paste with single salted yolk (low sugar) 單黃白莲月      RM27nett

Bamboo charcoal green tea black sesame (low sugar) 竹炭绿茶黑芝麻月     RM27nett

Shanghai lotus paste with single salted yolk (low sugar) 上海單黃月   RM27nett

White lotus paste 香港白莲月     RM26nett

Red bean paste 玫瑰豆沙月     RM26nett


Low sugar mini snow skin Mooncake is priced at RM17.50nett per piece

Durian paste 風味榴槤月

Coffee paste with marshmallow and nuts 咖啡棉花豆仁月

Corn paste with raisin清香粟米月

Osmanthus paste with dates 桂花棗蓉月

Yam paste with single egg yolk 單黃芋蓉月

White and black chocolate paste with mixed nuts 黑白巧克力果仁月

Black sesame paste with green tea 黑芝麻緣茶月

So I decided to go for two classic mooncakes and two mini snow skin mooncakes…

Lotus seed or lotus paste in this case is my must have when it comes to mooncakes. Though I am not exactly a fan of egg yolks (too much cholesterol….hahaha….) so I normally opt for those without egg yolks… and this one was really nice… I really like it… I thought it was light, easy on the palate, not too overly sweet or cloying and it was so good I finished the whole mooncake with my daughter in just an hour… (an achievement , because frankly, I normally take a couple of wedges of mooncake and then keep the mooncake in the refrigerator to be eaten at another time.. and sometimes the mooncake does not appeal to me and it ends up in the trash can…)

For my other classic mooncake, I selected the Bamboo charcoal green tea black sesame … this mooncake I did not open and try because I squirrelled it away to be given to my cousin…..hehehe…shhhh…..


I also chose to indulge in another Mini Snow Skin Mooncake… the Osmanthus paste with dates… ok, this was randomly selected since I am a fan of Chinese historical dramas and I keep hearing how Chinese royalty and so enjoy indulging in osmanthus cakes and such… and it was the right selection in my opinion as the flavouring and scent of this mooncake was just light, refreshing, fragrant and perfect… I am loving it loads and I do plan to get another one…. heheheh


The durian paste snow skin was perfect for me. I love durians and this was actually the first time I ventured into trying a durian mooncake… and well… it was everything I thought it would be and not overly sweet.

I really loved the mooncakes here from Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur and would highly recommend it.. Of course, I do so love the gorgeous drawer box packaging as well as the fan on top….so pretty….

  • Free delivery to one (1) location (within 5km radius of Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel) for purchase of 20 boxes and above. Additional charges apply for locations outside 5km radius.
  • Receive RM10 voucher (valid for 3 months) for every RM100 spent on Mooncakes to be utilized at Dynasty Restaurant only.
  • Get a 25% discount on all pre-paid orders of minimum 10 boxes before 15 August for pick-up between 1 to 15 September 2016.

Get yours now … email  rhi.khulrn.fb@renaissancehotels.com    and or call 03-2716 9388 for more info.

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