Maldives Travelogue


Day 1

We took our AirAsia flight at 6.55pm from KLIA2 and arrived at about 8.10pm Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in Maldives at 8.10pm where to guide there waited for us…

The airport is on Hulhule Island and we had to take a speed boat transfer to Maafushi Island, about one hour fifteen minutes boat ride…


We then checked into the Maafushi View Hotel, a 5-10 minutes walk from the jetty and had local dinner/ mini buffet dinner at the hotel restaurant.. then we retired for the day…

Day 2


Woke up at 5am and got ready before heading to the hotel cafeteria for breakfast at 7am (sausage, jam, bread, chapati and dhal) Food is halal because Maldives is a Muslim country… When breakfast was done, we got ready to go snorkelling. We took the boat Turtle Reef, a one and a half hour boat ride. We went snorkelling there for about one hour. I was the first one to jump and I saw a hawksbill turtle, and plenty of colour fishes and pretty corals…

We headed to the sand bank, about half an hour from the Turtle Reef, with gorgeous views of the crystal clear water…and I was lucky to get to see some dolphins playing around….



Then we headed back to Maafushi Island, about half an hour ride from the sand bank in time for lunch. Our lunch was at the hotel, which was some kind of spicy red fish curry, rice, coleslaw and orange juice…

After lunch, we took the time to explore Maafushi Island by ourselves…

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Maafushi is a village with a nice beach and you can take part in watersports such as jetski, parasailing, banana boat, catamaran, glass bottom boat, flyboarding etc… we did some sight seeing and headed to another hotel where a friend of ours was staying for some WiFi access.…

Then we had dinner.. Dinner was a simple meal of rice, fried fish and chicken curry.. then we retired for the night…

Day 3

Woke up about 5 am yet again, and prepared for breakfast….. Breakfast was omelette, sausages and toast bread… then we headed over to K Gulhi village, an hour’s boat ride from from Maafushi Island then we went to the bikini beach there…and saw foreign visitors in bikini sun bathing…

Then we headed to the Banana Reef where you can Nemo (clown fish) and Dory (blue tang fish), 20 minutes away from K Gulhi …

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…and then headed to Biyaadhoo Reef where you can see huge fishes and even unicorn fishes, or those fishes with horns on their head.…

Then we headed to K Guraidhoo local Island where we say villages, and small resorts around the place….

Then we headed back to Maafushi for lunch and rest… we were too tired we took our nap then…. Woke up around 5pm to get ready for fishing. We were suppose to have picnic at the beach but because of the weather, we headed out for a fishing trip instead…where we caught some dinner… and we also saw some small sharks, but just as we were packing up, our guide mention sighting a dorsal fin and we all helter skeltered out of there… My proud achievement was when I caught a red snapper and a tiger garoupa… It was certainly a lot of fun bringing it back to land and barbecuing it for dinner… Of course we also chicken for barbecue….

Day 4


Woke up at about 5 ish and started packing,… then we went for breakfast and headed out to the bikini beach to take a dip in the crystal clear water there, as well as went shopping for souvenirs , though we could not buy too many things as it was very expensive…I got a t shirt, a snowglobe and just a couple of fridge magnets after some haggling and return to the hotel for lunch.

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After lunch we took a speed boat to Male. Male is an hour’s boat ride from Maafushi after arranging our bags to be sent directly from the hotel to the airport. We arrived in Male and went more shopping or rather window shopping and went sightseeing at the Coral Mosque, made from coral, the square, government buildings, something that looks like the Sydney Opera House etc, since Male is the capital of Maldives…

Then we took the ferry to Ibrahim Nasir International Airport … just a 15 minutes ride there… where we boarded  our flight back to KL at 8.55pm…

The flight takes about 4 to 4 ½ hours and there is a time difference of 2 hours between Maldives and Malaysia.

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The trip cost about RM2899 for an all in 4D 3N stay including travel insurance, meals, boat rides, snorkelling trips and all….

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Written by Miera Nadhirah / Narrated by Suria Natalia

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