Review: Eastern Crabs Restaurant

If you are looking for some good halal seafood. The Eastern Crabs Restaurant which is located at Plaza Ampang City might be a very good choice, and because of that, I decided to check out the restaurant with some blogger friends as well as my hubby….

Location wise, it is strategically located in the middle of Ampang, somewhere opposite the Ampang Point , just before Flamingo Hotel. It is off the road to MRR in the kind of very old and tired looking Plaza Ampang City building which is also kind of triangular in shape..Yes, when I arrived at Plaza Ampang City I was really disappointed with the up keep of the building which seems to have been left very unkempt. You will not miss the Eastern Crabs Restaurant when you walk into the building as it is to your left.

The restaurant is simple and without frills. Like the building it is it, it is also a little tired looking, but comfortable enough with air conditioning. lighting and delicious food pictures on the wall.

It was only when the food came out of the kitchen, my attention and senses was riveted on the mouthwatering dishes…The Eastern Crab Restaurant has a very good Hong Kong Masterchef who use the best halal ingredients to prepare his dishes…

Come with me and check out some of the dishes we got to try….(be forewarned… there are plenty of crabs here… hahaha)

For refreshments, while waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive, I asked for a nice refreshing glass of Iced Honey Lemon RM6.50 . It was of course, soothing on the throat especially when you are parched and just walked into the restaurant from the scorching heat outside which we Malaysians have to undergo from time to time.

The Kam Heong (Golden Fragrance) Fried Prawns RM21.50 standard/ RM32.50 large was the first dish to come out from the kitchen and the smell was enough to make my tummy rumble….I was glad to note that the dish tasted as good as it looked and the prawns were fresh and succulent…

Then there was the Fried Broccoli with Crab Meat RM18 standard/ RM27.50 large . This dish reminded me of Cantonese Koay Teow with the overflowing egg and crab gravy, but you will find the broccoli still green, crunchy and enjoyable with the eggy sauce with chunky bit of fresh crab meat

I don’t really eat much beef, but this Sauteed Ginger Beef RM15.50 standard / RM25 large was pretty irresistible with black pepper and ginger sauce…even my husband kept asking for more…

The Butter Fried Squid RM19.50 was a bit pale looking after all the colourful dishes we had… but it was well battered yet succulent and sip it into some chilli sauce and ahhh…. yummy!!

This plate of Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Salt and Pepper RM16.80 was really nice. The chicken is cut into small pieces and then deep fried till golden brown. However you will find the meat is still tender and juicy. The chicken is then generously sprinkled with lots of fried minced garlic and onions, which makes the dish even more fragrant.

Next to arrive on our table was the Sizzling Black Pepper Crab with the gravy bubbling in the hot plate and ample capsicum slices and chili adding color and flavor to the dish. I would rate this dish a 4/5

The crabs used here at the Eastern Crabs Restaurant are Sri Lankan Mud Crabs which are said to be halal. And not only that, the crabs are all XXL, fresh, juicy and very succulent…and retail at RM65 each

This was followed by the Singaporean Chilli Crab where the crabs are stir-fried in thick savoury sauce that includes ingredients like red chillies, egg  garlic and onion in the sweet and sour gravy. I found this dish somewhat lacking… as I can’t help thinking the chef forgot the egg or something…so it was slightly disappointing. I would rate this a 2/5

For those of you who love your dishes eggy, be sure to indulge your palate in this Salty Egg Yolk Crab… It is made with salted duck egg yolk of course.. and the gravy is just perfect to dip the accompanying mantou in….I rate this a 4/5

The Butter Milk Crab was another firm favorite on the table. My husband loved this dish a lot…and dipping the mantou into this was pretty awesome as the gravy was just so flavorful…Rating : 5/5

When the Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter Fried Crab came out, almost everyone on our table went ahh….It was hard not be awed at the sight of this dish. This is the Eastern Crabs Restaurant’s signature dish prepared lovingly Hong Kong style by the chef. And yes, this was my favorite of all the crabs as I found it flavorful. Some of my friends preferred some of the crab dishes with gravy, finding this dry, but even though it was dry, the crab meat was just perfectly succulent and yummy, and I could not stop myself from eating more of it then I should… My ratings 5/5

We also had some Cantonese Yin Yong RM6.90, ideal for those who just want something simple and to suit their budget which was pretty tasty…

The Dry Egg Noodle with Seafood RM10.90 came with two huge prawns… and some squids.. on a nice sizzling hotplate was also worth the taste…

Alternatively, you can also opt for the Hong Kong Famous Fried Koey Teow with beef RM8.60, Hong Kong Famous Fried Rice with Prawns RM10.90 or even the Curry Seafood Fried Rice RM10.90. They are all yummy and unique in their own way….

The last dish was the Steam Beancurd RM8.50 . It was a simple dish I always loved and this was prepared the way I love it!!!

For additional refreshments, we had a selection of colourful fruit mocktails to choose from as well… Expect interesting names such as Ferrari for the Dragonfruit Lychee drink, RothParadise for the Apple Longan, Furnergy for the Carrot Celery drink and so on… each for RM10.50

Do not forget to try a Hong Kong dessert… the Fresh Mango Cream with Pamelo RM6.50 made with fresh mangoes, pomelo bits and sago, which is not too sweet or cloying.

If you bring kids with you, the kids would definitely love the Frutti Nutti dessert RM6.50 which is basically a couple of scoop of ice cream, topped with dragon fruit, mangoes, chocolate sauce, chocolate roll wafer and a cute little cocktail umbrella…I remember how I yearned for one of these umbrellas when I entered a restaurant serving these when I was a small kid…

Or you can also choose to end your scrumptious lunch or dinner with this delectable Ice Cream Cake RM7.50 

So if you are there with your family and want to order 4 dishes, I would definitely highly recommend the Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter Fried Crab or the Butter Milk Crab, Fried Broccoli with Crab Meat, Kam Heong (Golden Fragrance) Fried Prawns and the Sauteed Ginger Beef.. with your rice, and of course, end it with the Fresh Mango Cream with Pamelo …. Sheer perfection!!!

So to know more, head over to their Facebook page  or contact Ali (the manager) for reservations now: 6012-923 2344 / 03-4266 6331

G-02, Ground Floor, Plaza Ampang City, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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