5 amazing and unique hotels you should know of!!

There are so many beautiful and unique places in the world, and even if we travel the  world for a life time, it can never be enough…and when traveling, the hotels we stay in can also make a difference at times… it is the stay that make it a vacation to remember or just a travel holiday….

Anyway, out of curiosity, I went and googled up 5 random amazing hotels I could find..

Mind you, there are dozens or hundred more out there I am sure, but these are simply breathtaking and amazing in my personal opinion…

Before we go any further, none of these pictures belong to me as they are all taken off Google and credit belongs to their rightful owners. I am just using the pictures here for illustrative purposes and apologize in advance if I tread on anyone’s foot unwittingly…

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I first caught a glimpse of the Sun Cruise Hotel in the Indonesian movie, “Jilbab Traveler: Love Sparks in Korea” and was curious as to where it was… well, it is not every day you see a magnificent ship on land… right??

Image result for sun cruise hotel korea

And yes, I found out that this gorgeous Sun Cruise resort is in Jeongdongjin, South Korea.

You can hear the sound of waves lapping at the hull , so you can imagine that you really are on a cruise. The resort is on a cliff at Jeongdongjin beach known for having the best sunrise in Korea. There is revolving bar and lounge on the top floor which actually allows you the best view of the sunrise and sunset. The boat is 165 metres long, 45 metres high and weighs a cool 30,000 tons.

Your room is a nautical-themed condominium or hotel-style room and features a luxurious bed and entertainment centre.

Image result

You will be spoiled for choice for things to do as there is a lounge, nightclub, karaoke bar, sea water pool and two restaurants, exactly like how it would be like on a real cruise, with the difference that there is a garden here you can explore as well….

Image result for ice hotel sweden

It would certainly be a challenge and an interesting time keeping your lover warm when visiting the Ice Hotel in Sweden. You will both be sleeping on a thermal sleeping bag on an ice block bed covered with reindeer skins.
Image result for ice hotel sweden
While at Sweden’s Ice Hotel and staying in the -8 degrees Celsius rooms, you’ll be surrounded by ice and snow art work and served hot ligonberry juice in bed every morning. Later in the night, you can visit the ABSOLUT ICEBAR which features ice-cold vodka in ice-cold cups.
This hotel is unique as the Ice Hotel is made from the ice from the Torne River and its lifespan is totally fluid. You can look forward to staying in a new Ice Hotel every year ….
Image result for poseidon undersea resort
Poseidon Undersea Resorts will be the world’s first permanent one-atmosphere structure on the seafloor if and when it opens. It features twenty two 550 square foot guest rooms. And there is an underwater restaurant and bar, a library, conference room, wedding chapel, spa and a 1200 square foot luxury suite. Huhuhu…..it is definitely a dream to stay here….
Image result for poseidon undersea resort
Don’t forget the 5,000-acre surrounding lagoon that will basically be a giant playground for divers and those who love snorkelling.  However, I am not sure when the resort will be really opened and there is a very long waiting list…
Image result for de vrouwe van stavoren

The Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren offers 4 very unique rooms built into original swiss wine casks. Every one of the huge barrels has been extended out in a living space consisting of a bedroom, sitting room and bathroom furnished with red carpets and curtains, the same colour as the wine they used to house.

Image result for de vrouwe van stavoren

These wine casks have been completely refurbished to fit in beds, a shower, toilet, mini-bar, TV and – of course – a bottle of red wine on arrival.

There are normal rooms available as well, plus a restaurant offering a wide range of traditional dishes and fish specialities.

Image result for de vrouwe van stavoren

The hotel is situated right at the old harbour of Stavoren thus, you can be sure to expect and enjoy a spectacular view of the coming and going of fishermen’s ships, modern yachts and traditional flat-bottomed cargo ships (nowadays equipped for tourist sailing trips).

Image result for beckham creek cave lodge arkansas

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge has nothing to do with David Beckham or his family…. Set on a private 280 acre estate, this cave lodge is definitely among the most unique lodgings in the world. Nestled into the rock face above a 1,000 foot tumbling waterfall, this luxurious lodge will keep you coming back for more!

It took four years to build with the outside façade full of windows to let light into the cave. Don’t you  think it is so amazing how they have created a luxurious living space inside a cave? And they have done all this without taking away the rock walls or natural waterfalls.

Image result for beckham creek cave lodge arkansasImage result for beckham creek cave lodge arkansas

Set in the magnificent Buffalo River Valley there are plenty of activities to enjoy. The main one here is obviously caving or “spelunking” as it is sometimes known. The cave system runs into the earth revealing a mysterious world of underground lakes and natural caverns ready to be explored. You can also go rock climbing, take a nature trail and go horse riding. There is a even a huge games room for socializing and a modern kitchen.

Won’t you love to be able to stay in one of these amazing places… I know I would!!! And these are just a handful of amazing hotels out there…. will share more in other future posts …Until then, have a great day!!!

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