Lonely Planet’s Epic Bike Rides of the World

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If you love nothing better then to cycle and explore places on a bicycle, which is actually one of the best and cheapest way to travel around the world, you really have to have this book!! Cycling is the best way for those who love traveling and sight seeing as it allows us to cover more ground then walking, and allow us to go off the beaten path sometimes, which you cannot do in  car…

I was delighted to get my hands on the Lonely Planet’s Epic Bike Rides of the World.  This is one book that will definitely inspire two-wheeled travel all around the world, wherever you are.

 This gorgeous book features so many interesting stories and ideas of 50 different cycling routes in 30 countries (from Australia to Bhutan)
It also include tons of ideas for bike rides – ranging from family-friendly jaunts, to backcountry expeditions, via city tours, classic circuits and meandering adventures.

There are eight cycling routes in Asia itself highlighted in the chapters “Mai Chau Cycle Ride (Vietnam)”, “Bikepacking in Mongolia”, “Cycling the Seto Inland Sea (Japan)”, “High in the Himalaya (India)”, “Bhutanese Dragon Ride”, “Mae Hong Son Circuit (Thailand)”, “Sri Lankan Sightseeing”, and “China’s Wild West”.

 This book attempts to reflect that diversity and those varying levels of commitment. Lonely Planet has sought out some of the most entertaining experiences you can have on a bicycle, whether you’re a just a casual rider, like me or a cyclist with a stable of carbon-fibre machines. The settings of these experiences range from some of the world’s most remote places – Mongolia, Bhutan and the Outer Hebrides – to its hippest cities and dreamiest islands. The bicycle routes here varies from trips that take just a couple of hours to long trips that last more than a month.
You will find stories in each regional chapter feature first-hand accounts of fantastic bike rides in that continent. Each of these stories includes a toolkit to enable the planning of a trip – when is the best time of year, how you can get there, where you can stay. When you read these, you will definitely get even more ideas as to what you personally would want to do or go…. The Lonely Planet team have started that process with the ‘more like this’ section following each story, which offers other ideas along a similar theme, not necessarily on the same continent. Many of these ideas are well established routes or trails. The index collects different types of ride for a variety of interests.
My thoughts on this: I think the book is just beautifully illustrated and easy to use, but it is a tad too bulky to bring along on your travels, so it is more of a coffee table book for you to browse, take notes and recreate or imagine your own trails… so get the book, browse through it or read it carefully, take notes and rent a bicycle on your next trip somewhere…

Published July 2016 / 328pp, full colour, H260mm x W200mm / hardcover / RRP: USD $35

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Pictures credit to regenerative.com, tripadvisor.co.nz 

8 thoughts on “Lonely Planet’s Epic Bike Rides of the World

  1. up till now i still have not started getting a bicycle and start riding.. so many of my friends started riding. But these here are too epic la, if i ride, maybe around my taman only. lol!


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