Citrawarna @Kuala Lumpur 2016- Myths and Folklore

When I heard the theme of this year’s Citrawarna’s theme I was excited. Call me silly or childish but ever since I was young, I would get enthralled with all the interesting stories of angry gods, harrowing journeys, cunning animals, terrible monsters, and the great heroes who vanquished them. Then again I am forever young at heart… LOL

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From Malaysia to Japan to Greece and more, mythology and folklore has given us a way for these interesting tales to come to life and help us humans make sense of the world. I personally just cannot get enough of all those Gods and demi Gods in Olympus, or the Tuatha de Danann in Ireland, Amaterasu in Japan, Ramayana and so on….

Back home here in Malaysia, we have our fair share of interesting tales as well such as Merong Mahawangsa in Kedah, Legend/ Dragon of Tasik Chini in Pahang, Princess of Mount Ophir (Puteri Gunung Ledang) in Johor, Jentayu in Perlis, Hang Tuah in Melaka and loads more….. they just fascinate me no end and gets me wondering, “What if…..”

Anyway, Citrawarna@Kuala Lumpur 2016: Myths and Folklore is exploring and also showcasing our Malaysian myths and folklore to both local and foreign tourists….

Both local and foreign tourists will enjoy these colourful and interesting shows, performances and parade depicting the intriguing myths and legends of every state in Malaysia during the Citrawarna@Kuala Lumpur 2016 event at Dataran Merdeka on Sept 25 and ending with a bang… or well, fireworks….

Deputy Secretary-General (Tourism) of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah said the shows will attract tourists to visit more of our local destinations….

Besides the main event, Citrawarna @ Kuala Lumpur 2016 will also be showcasing performances from the Chinese, Indian, Siamese and also indigenous people (Orang Asli)

There will be two segments on, the first which will be the Chillax Zone which will be on for two days from 24th September to the 25th September 2016 from 4.30pm to 11pm. There will be many interesting activities which include buskers, a photowall, Coffee Corner, KL Food Truck Fiesta, traditional games, exhibitions and sales from Citrawarna@ Kuala Lumpur 2016 strategic partners and more

The second segment will be on the 25th September which will begin at 8 pm which is the main event…

Citrawarna@ Kuala Lumpur 2016 strategic partners include Starbucks Malaysia, Green Life Landscape, LanBaharin Kuala Lumpur, Josh Lee Fragrances, Teratak Spa, Che Din Food, Gaya Travel magazine and MATICfm….

It is going to be a thrilling Sunday night you should not miss out on, so mark your calendars and see you there…..

Date : 25 September 2016 (Sunday)
Time : 8.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Venue : Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

35 thoughts on “Citrawarna @Kuala Lumpur 2016- Myths and Folklore

  1. I haven’t been to Malaysia but it’s one of the country I want to visit someday. It’s close to the Philippines and I am really comfortable travelling in the Asian countries. I’ve got friends who rave so much about Penang and Georgetown and of course, Kuala Lumpur. I’m super dreaming of going to Sepang too because of the Formula One.


  2. I would absolutely love to attend! I’ve never visited Kuala Lumpur but it’s definitely on my last. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!


  3. Malaysia sure knows how to package everything to entice tourists to visit. I have seen ads of your tourism and I must say they are all done PERFECTLY. And here you are with this post, which I find intriguing and even if our cultures are different, it is evident by reading your post that Malaysia has so much to offer.


  4. This looks surely interesting to me and a lot of people probably. Such events! I’m too far but otherwise I would’ve visited this place or event. Great to see the pictures and the traditions.


  5. Beautiful and colorful event. Love it. I’ve always had a great interest for mythologie. i love all the tales. Whether it’s n paper or in an event! I love that there’s more attention for that! I’d love to learn more about the Malaysian tales.


  6. When we visited Malaysia about two years ago, our tourist guide mentioned that Malaysia’s tourism dropped because of the airplane accident. I hope the country is now picking up the pieces and slowly recovering. Through this program, i hope it will brimg a lot of tourists and guests.


  7. This reminds me of an Indonesian night I once attended. Malaysia has of course lots of similarities with Indonesia. The cultural performances are attracting lots of visitors, including me. I guess this is a good strategy to get back the tourism level that they need.


  8. Oh, KL! When will I ever be able to visit this wonderful place! Thanks for sharing this. Some of their costume seems like costumes that are also worn here in PH. I won’t be surprised over that though. We’re neighboring countries after all! Malaysia has a very rich culture, just like Indonesia! 🙂


  9. This sounds like such an interesting event. I like to know more about local folklore and experience the cultures of different countries. Malaysia has some really unique cultures like many other places. I wish I could be there for this event.


  10. I reeeeeally want to visit Malaysia soon. Cultural events like this actually appeal to me, they excite the history lover in me. It’s the same excitement I get when I think of Greek and Norse myths; Asian mythology and culture is a whole other dimension. Must plan a trip to KL and Kuching and Kota, soon!


  11. Wow all those Colours and rich culture are so fascinating and what a great display it was. It is amazing to be able to see all these and appreciate the diversity of the human race.



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