Fun with Friends and Family at iCity Theme Park, Shah Alam

Yours truly was over at iCity for a visit with her mini me… on this trip with some fellow blogger friends, we had the opportunity to visit the Red Carpet, Snowalk and also the City of Digital Lights..

iCity in case you do not know it is  a theme park located in Shah Alam. It is an all season family oriented destination where you will be sure to enjoy many moments of fun and laughter, and one of the happening places in Shah Alam which opens up til late…midnight.

It was a thrilling evening which started at the Red Carpet. The Red Carpet is an interactive  home-grown wax museum, pretty much similar to Madame Tussauds and can be quite comparable, too in my opinion as I have been to 4 Madame Tussauds (Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Bangkok and Sentosa) and another Wax museum in Ireland….

Enter the Red Carpet building and you will be welcomed by the Monkey King….

It is here at the Red Carpet where you will meet an All-Star cast, from glamour and glitz, power and politics, and well, strange and unusual things in a 30,000sq feet red carpeted area…

You will get the chance to meet world icons like Steve Jobs; pose between Barack Obama and  Vladimir Putin; share a conversation with Nelson Mandela; attend a TV interview with Bill Gates, practise Kung Fu with  Jet Li or Jacky Cheung; witness Prince William and Kate Middleton getting married and so on…..

Be sure to marvel at the uncanny realism and resemblance of many of the wax celebrity figures and be prepared to get surprised at a few corners…. As some of the wax figures comes with interactive movements

I know I was surprised when a couple of those statues started bowing in welcome… My daughter was certainly delighted to be able to met Fan Bing Bing, John Cena, Muhammad Ali, Britney Spears and Mr Bigglesworth, the giant Spinx cat ……. She even went and hug some of them…

We were kind of sorry for the visit to be over when we finally exited into the souvenir shop there…

For your information, entry  to the Red Carpet is priced at RM35 per adult and RM30 per child for MyKad holders, and RM50 per adult and RM35 per child for foreign visitors and those without MyKad…

The Red Carpet is opened from 11am to 1am (click on the red link for more pictures)

Our next stop was the SnoWalk, said to be Malaysia’s largest snow play attraction and the first of its kind in South East Asia. Here you can experience 50,000 sq feet of Artic environment with freezing temperatures of negative 8 degrees Celsius….

Yes, you are literally walking into a giant freezer..and there are blocks of ice made into castles, walls, slides, pyramids, etc…

Well, this would be because the SnoWalk recently started a whole new artic winter experience for visitors… where they brought visitors on the “Polar Express” journey…

Then there is also the Angry Birds Winter Wonderland where you can try your hand catapulting those ugly greedy green pigs in the bid to help save the Angry Birds

Then head over to the frozen Nile River where you can imagine how it might be like if Egypt was frozen, unlike the scorching hot sun you will encounter if you head to the real Egypt… Meet ice Spynx guarding the pyramids and be sure to take some pictures with the ice pyramids….

We got our jackets from the counter just before heading inside the SnoWalk . You can have the option of renting snow boots and gloves if you want… but if you are just going to go in for 10 – 15 minutes, the jacket will suffice.. I was only wearing my comfortable knee length cotton pants and sport shoes and I was fine…. Though yes, after a while, you tend to feel the cold get to you…

We made our way around all the ice carving areas, played toboggan with what looked like a shoe, got on the Polar Express and took pictures in the SnoWalk.. my daughter had her first experience of snow here… and she did not quite like the temperature…

Personally, I have suffered through a couple of European Winters before so I was more used to it.. hehheh

Entry  to SnoWalk is priced at RM25 per adult and RM20 per child for MyKad holders, and RM35 per adult and RM30 per child for foreign visitors and those without MyKad before 6pm…  and RM35 per adult and RM30 per child for MyKad holders, and RM40 per adult and RM35 per child for foreign visitors and those without MyKad after 6pm…

SnoWalk is opened from 11am to 1am

We then headed to KFC for a quick dinner while waiting for the evening to turn dark. There are a few places where you can dine here at the iCity, such as KFC, Subway, the Chicken Rice Shop, Old Town White Coffee, Al Rawsha and Spices of Penang…..

When we had eaten, we then made our way to the City of Digital Lights. The City of Digital Lights @iCity happens to be Malaysia’s Night Tourism destination… this one-of-its-kind attraction turns into a breathtaking lightscape when it gets dark…and the whole area is illuminated with over a million LED lights…

The City of Digital Lights is a small outdoor theme park featuring a handful of very thrilling or interesting rides… set in a ‘forest’ of colourful pine trees made from colourful LED lights…in an assortment of colours…

Be sure to take the SpaceWalk ride which will bring you around the theme park to admire the lightscape..

pic credit to

My daughter, me and some blogger friends truly enjoyed ourselves as we got onto the SuperSwing and then shamelessly reliving our childhood at the Two Tiered Carousel.

Then being brave after hearing that a seemingly scary ride- the DiscoRide was “not that bad”, we got on it, the ride was like you were seated on your superbike…. And I regretted it two minutes later as the DiscoRide twisted and turned and I felt as I have gotten into a blender… hahahaha . Oh gosh, my stomach was churning and I started feeling disorientated… I had my eyes shut half of the ride as so to calm my churning stomach or I might have thrown up what I had eaten just before entering the City of Digital Lights… hahahah … let me go on the Roller Coaster 20 times….. but I don’t think I got the stomach for this kind of ride anymore, LOL

Anyway if you are there at the City of Digital Lights, you really should NOT MISS out the nightly HIGHLIGHTS there.. which are of course, the Mist Fountain, where you can get lost in some thick foggy and very cooling mist….for a few seconds….

And the Dancing Waters…a true masterpiece blending together music, light and water…. You will squeal in delight as the water jets shoot up to 40 meters with a laser show… and take a few step back to avoid getting sprayed by the water especially on a windy evening… It can be pretty entertaining and mesmerizing at the same time…

Currently, in conjunction of Malaysia Day, the City of Digital Lights can be accessed for free and you can enjoy the Mist Fountain, Dancing Waters and marvel at the colourful LED lights…but the rides are chargeable… however it is very affordable since you can enjoy unlimited rides for just RM20 for MyKad holders and RM40 for non MyKad during this promotional period

The City of Digital Lights is opened from 5pm to 12 am…

So bring the family, your date, the kids or drag friends over to the iCity, the no 1 technology city where you can find the coolest hotspot in town this school holidays, or for the weekends or evenings…. There is surely something for everyone !!!!

Thank you iCity for hosting us and for the awesome evening…

Address: iCity, D-1-G, /AJ, Jalan Multimedia 7/Ah, I-city, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor


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