5 Amazing Swings in the World you have to check out…


As kids, we loved nothing better then to go to the playground, get on the swings there and swing our hearts out… we try to get as high as we can by kicking the ground … and now, even as an adult, I still cannot resist getting on a swing sometimes when I come across one…

This made me think about some of the pretty amazing swings in the world….Check my little compilation out and tell me would you dare to go on all of these, or have any plans to? Number 4 is fine, and a great hit with people, I know…..but how about the rest….

1.  Over The Edge Swing / A’DAM Tower, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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I also just heard that Amsterdam in Netherlands has got a new attraction. It is said to be the tallest swing in Europe…. And it should be at 100 meters above the ground… Naturally, if you are brave enough to brave it, you will get a priceless view of the harbor and the city.

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Opened at the end of August 2016, you can swing on the roof of the A’DAM Tower. Over The Edge will give any four people brave enough to accept the challenge the swing of their lifetime. Attached to a security handle you will be hanging over the edge of the watchtower. The swing is activated with a hydraulic control system, but you can also swing by yourself if you desire to….

The swing is the brainchild of Sander Groet who saw a similar one at a hotel in Las Vegas. Groet couldn’t resist the temptation and was so impressed that he decided to do a similar thing in Amsterdam.

 The A’DAM Tower is situated at the Noordoever of the IJ, across the Amsterdam Central Station. There’s the A’DAM Lookout on the top floors of the tower which gives you a 360° view over the city. But the swing is definitely far more thrilling.

2.   The Swing at the End of the World in Banos, Ecuador

Image result for swing at the end of the world

Located in Baños, Ecuador at La Casa del Árbol (The Treehouse), the Swing at the End of the World greets hikers at an elevation of 2,660 meters. It challenges anyone daring enough to ride it.

And well, if you choose to ride the swing , you will of course get a priceless unique perspective of the surrounding landscape, which includes a view of the Tungurahua volcano. One could only imagine the excitement that rushes through one’s body as they sway back and forth, hovering over a long drop every few seconds, which clearly comes across as a heart-pumping experience.

Image result for swing at the end of the world

The activity seems to offer a serious adrenaline rush given the construction of the swing itself, which appears to be nothing more than a plank of wood hanging by two ropes attached to a metal rod high above.

Though in pictures it seems like an incredibly thrilling experience, it leads one to question: “Am I brave enough to do this?”

3.  Giant Canyon Swing in Colorado, USA

Image result for Giant Canyon Swing in Colorado, USA

Another daring swing would be the Giant Canyon Swing in Colorado, USA….Here you can launch yourself out into Glenwood Canyon, 1,300 feet above the Colorado River, on the Giant Canyon Swing!

Image result for Giant Canyon Swing in Colorado, USA

Your reward if you choose to accept the challenge would be some of the most breathtaking views of the Canyon and Glenwood Springs as you soar through the air at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. The Giant Canyon Swing can accommodate up to four riders at a time, so you can share the adrenaline rush with friends.

4.  The Swing in Gili Islands

Image result for swing in gili trawangan

Ok, this swing is not that scary as the ones above…  but rather unique and very Instagram worthy or picturesque. ‘The Swing’ on Gili Trawangan, located on the 200m beach of the Hotel Ombak Sunset there… It is a must do experience for visitors to Gili Trawangan.

Image result for swing in gili trawangan

‘The Swing’ is a wooden fixture with two swing seats built onto the ocean floor. During low tide, you can just wade out in the shallow waters to relive your childhood.

Evening would be the most ideal time as you can witness the sublime view of the sun descending behind the grand Mount Agung to the last drops of rays blessing the world in a gentle, warm orange glow.

5.  The Hjørundfjord Swing in Norway

Image result for hjørundfjord swing

Hjørundfjord is known as one of the longest fjords in Norway, cutting deep into the lush alpine Sunnmøre Alps. Nestled deep inside the beautiful Hjørundfjord of coastal Norway you will a swing sitting on the mountain edge. The swing sits by the fjord in the garden at Christian Gaard bygdetun, in the remote, road-less village of Trandal.

Image result for hjørundfjord swing

Christian Gaard Bygdetun is a charming inn & pub in the tiny farming settlement of Trandal in Hjørundfjord, located smack in the middle of the Norwegian Alp’s impressive mountains.

To get there, you must either go over the mountain or arrive by sea, so it is no easy feat but you will be sure there won’t be a crowd hanging around waiting impatiently for their turn on the swing.

So go there to swing yourself and be mesmerized by amazing sights of the glaciers and magnificent views of the fjord.

There you have it, I found you 5 swings you should really check out if you are brave enough and well, also able to travel that far and beyond… huhuhu……Have fun and live life lah…. k… hehehe

Note: All these photos were taken from google.com… and do not belong to me. The photo credit belongs to their rightful owners and I am using them just for illustration purposes…

18 thoughts on “5 Amazing Swings in the World you have to check out…

  1. This is so easy for me. I mean picking one, it is easy. Let me preface by saying too, all the swings are amazing in their own rights. In terms of uniqueness, I pick the one on Ecuador. The photo is amazing. Now, which one do I pick? I do not like heights and speed but I am a scuba diver. No brainer. Gili Islands!

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  2. This is really cool. I would love to try them all. Haven’t tried anyone amongst the mentioned 😦 but I am gonna add then up to my bucket list. Also this is a well put article 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve never been to any of these places but I’ve tried riding a giant swing at one of the parks here in our place, it’s not as tall as most of the attractions in your list but it was already too scary for me! I closed my eyes the entire time and screamed on top of my lungs!

    I were to pick I’d choose the ones in Amsterdam and Colorado mainly because they look safer than the rest. Daredevils could go ahead with the one at Ecuador. Nice collection! 😀

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  4. Oh , what a beautiful post !!! Yeah , as a child I was mad about swings , the wilder the better. I would still love to swing over the water , that one on Gili Trawangan looks very tempting 🙂 But all together your images are amazing , stunning places brought together in a great post idea !

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  5. The only swing I have tried is the one in the park near us. lol but really, it would be so nice to give a try of those swings from other places. Are you familiar with the crown regency – the coaster edge ride? Is that considered a kind of swing? hahaha


  6. out of all the swings you have hown here, the ones that interest me the most would have to be in Ecuador and Gili islands… The first because you would have to be insane or really corageous to try such a thing. Also, I wonder if anyone has been injured from using said swing there hehehe… I would probably try it though because I’m okay with crazy, and that swing in ecuador just screams mad and crazy. hahahaha

    Also, the one in gili islands is very pristime. would love to try it out soon.. hopefully when I get the chance hehee


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