Review:”Udang Galah” feast at the Nai Cafe

Having Udang Galah for a meal is a treat, now who can resist these fresh water prawns or lobsters which comes in a variety of sizes and are sweet on the palate. Getting the right Udang Galah can be a challenge as well considering those Udang Galah/ fresh water prawns which are bred in those blue plastic ‘ponds’ that allow people to go fish are usually less tasty then those caught from the wild…


This could be because those which have been bred in these blue plastic ‘ponds’ survive on a diet of pellets while those in the wild eat a lot of things from small fishes, plants and so on. The wild Udang Galah is the one that has the best taste with firmer and sweeter flesh in comparison with the ‘farmed’ ones…

How can you tell the difference between ‘farmed’ Udang Galah and wild Udang Galah? Simple… just tear open the head and find something that is round (I like to think of it as the brain but it isn’t the brain) a ‘farmed’ Udang Galah’s ‘brain’ is white in colour while the wild one varies between dark grey to black…

How do I know this? This is because I was talking to Bujey/ Sharudin, the owner of The Nai Café. Bujey grew up in a fishing village in Rompin, his dad was a fisherman and besides running the café and being a great husband and dad to his family, he is also a diver and so he knows very well what he is talking about.

So the Udang Galah used at the Nai Café here are usually wild Udang Galah which he sources either from Perak, Rompin, Muar or Sabah…

The Nai Café is a minimalistic but very cosy café in Denai Alam, a mere 15 minutes away from Sungai Buloh or even Shah Alam… Denai Alam is located somewhere near Bukit Subang in the middle of the Guthrie highway.

The Nai has a sister café in Taylor’s College called Selera Penang, serving up delicious Penang dishes… The Nai Café serves up a variety of tasty local and western dishes, but what they actually specialises in is their Udang Galah dishes.

And it is these dishes that will also shock you with their prices… you will NOT believe the prices… they are so reasonably priced and affordable.. definitely much lesser then what you would expect to pay for some Udang Galah…..Prices range from just RM12.90 to RM18.90…. unbelievable right??!!

You can choose to have these firm and sweet Udang Galah cooked in Masak Lemak Cili Api, Tom Yam, Butter Cream, Assam Pedas or Sambal Tumis. The Udang Galah dish will come served with a plate of fluffy white rice…

Yours truly tasted the Tom Yam, which was my daughter’s favorite as well as the Sambal Tumis…and they were just really good… My husband enjoyed the Spicy Butter Cream sauce despite not being  a fan of butter…. LOL…and the Masak Lemak Cili Api came with a little bit of pineapple in it to give it its tangy taste..

On the other hand, you can also opt for your favorite Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng, Koay Teow Goreng, Stir Fry or Char Koay Teow…oh don’t get me started on the Char Koay Teow… the interesting part of it is you can choose how you want your Char Koay Teow..

And if you want it Basah, Lembab, Kering, Kering Garing….with these gorgeous and luscious Udang Galah on top….  I swear I forget who my family members are or where I am for a whole two minutes as I indulge in this dish….

So there, you really have to try these dishes…..Anytime you are around Bukit Subang, Shah Alam, Sungai Buloh or the Guthrie Highway, this is good reason to stop by the Nai Café there and indulge in these lipsmacking dishes….

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