Travelogue: Day 3 in the Belum Rainforest Resort

Well, as we all know it, all good things must come to an end, and so day 3 came and marked the end of our stay and journey in the paradise that is our own Malaysian rainforest.

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This trip here to the Royal Belum has taught me how we should really cherish and take pride in our own rainforest instead of ruining it further. And how we should all do our parts in safeguarding it for our children and grandchildren’s future… Like I mentioned in my first day’s travelogue, the rainforest here in Malaysia is the oldest in the world, being a 130 million years old, older then even the Amazon and the Congo Basin….We should protect it and the amazing inhabitants that live in them….

Animals are not like humans. Animals normally have a reason to attack humans, which is when they are threatened, hungry, or hurt, unlike some of our psychotic human counterparts who just like to hurt others for no other reason then deriving satisfaction or pleasure in seeing others in pain.

We took the time to have our breakfast and packed our bags before meeting up and taking a little hike across the road for our pillbox tour.

A pillbox? What is that….well, it is a bunker of sorts where the Malaysian soldiers that protected that area of the 130-million year-old Belum-Temengor forest complex used to monitor and do their best to keep Malaysia safe from all those communists and terrorists that tried invading from Southern Thailand… Communists and terrorists used to try to access the rest of the peninsula Malaysia in the past from that particular area, but after the flooding of the area following the construction of the Temengor Dam in 1972 to generate hydroelectricity, the terrorists could only target those working on the highway that was to reduce the Butterworth-Kota Bharu road distance by two-thirds.

So this particular army pillbox we visited, which has been converted into a gallery, was one of the most ideal to keep an eye out for these terrorists.

Our little tour began with a little surprise, when we entered the pillbox and got a little startled by an army clad mannequin poised to welcome us in the pillbox.

Then there was a short history video of the area (in Bahasa Malaysia, though) and we explored the three floors of the army pillbox, including marvelling at some memorabilia of communist letters, replicas of the rifles and so on. Be careful of your head though when climbing the stairs or going down the stairs as the pillbox is small and if you are not careful, you can bump your head…

When our pillbox tour was finished, the resort’s van brought us to the Pulau Banding Rainforest Research Centre where some scientists and students worked together  to study the flora, fauna, fishes and all that lived in the rainforest…

Some moths , butterflies and insects in the showcase which can be found in Belum-Temengor rainforest…

These might seem a little creepy, but this python and clouded leopard are real and  taxidermied.

Then we headed back to the hotel, just stopping to take a peek at the Belum Rainforest Pavilion, a beautiful place to have dinners, functions or a business meeting… it will definitely be an unforgettable experience should you choose to have a wedding banquet here or even a company meeting and function…right in the heart of Pulau Banding amidst soothing green trees and plants…Rest assured there are sufficient toilets and even prayer rooms prepared here…and you can choose to take a walk, breathe in the fresh unpolluted air or take a ride in the hotel buggy to get here..

I can just picture a perfect and intimate wedding.. with your loved ones and best friends, you can all stay at the Tanjung Wan Villa where there are 8 lovely rooms, and plenty of space and even a private infinity pool and a lovely banquet here at the Pavilion… a perfect unforgettable glorious rainforest themed wedding, with every comfort and requirements met… Or a perfect company retreat to brainstorm new ideas etc…

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Ok… ok, I am probably getting ahead of myself… Anyway , after taking a peek at the Pavilion, we headed back to our rooms and got ready to leave…back to reality and the ho-hum mundane everyday life where the rat race is..huhuh…

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Thanks to Belum Rainforest Resort for this amazing and unforgettable opportunity.


23 thoughts on “Travelogue: Day 3 in the Belum Rainforest Resort

  1. As a Perakian, I am really proud that we have a gem like the Royal Belum in the state. No where else can one find something similar like this. After all, every destination has its unique points.


  2. The pillbox tour look fun as the building / history has been maintain well. Belum Rainforest is a nice place and glad Malaysia have such a nice place to be explored.


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