With Halloween there are tons of spooky fun all over and yes, I was at my first Halloween party with my hubby and daughters… it was the ultimate family Halloween Party night at LEGOLAND Malaysia.

For Brick-or-Treat this year at the LEGOLAND Malaysia, there are 10 pop-up huts with awesome goodies sponsored by local favourites such as MILO, Staedler, Julie’s, Haribo, Ribena, Canon and many, many more…

Follow the trail and complete a Halloween activity inside each hut to receive a limited edition Halloween commemorative brick. Meet and greet our Halloween roving characters along the trail.

1st Hut: Collect Halloween Brick or Treat bag and complete LEGO® Star Wars™ Miniland activity.

2nd Hut: Find hidden LEGO® bats and count them

3rd Hut: Loudest and scariest laughter with the Witch

4th Hut: LEGO® Monster – memory games

5th Hut: Registration for Lord Vampyre’s Maze and gets your stamp

6th Hut: Help the LEGO® spiders find their home!

7th Hut: Floating LEGO® pumpkin

8th Hut: LEGO® ring toss

9th Hut: Mummy Bowling

10th Hut: Guess the weight of LEGO® Bats replicas

 We got to redeem the limited edition Halloween commemorative Brick at the end of the trail.

Anyway yours truly was there for the Merlin’s Magic Wand Global Fun Festival, where LEGOLAND Malaysia hosted 100 underprivileged kids from orphanage homes in Malaysia in collaboration with PUDU Rotary Club. So the kids were there to have some fun as well…

LEGO® Kingdom was amazing dressed up in the most spook-tastic décor with large lighted pumpkins, cute supersized spiders and cob webs, bats, and scarecrows to both scare and delight Halloween lovers.

We also got to enjoy a terror-rific interactive Halloween Show with LEGO Frankenstein and Witch.

 Be sure to join in the interesting classes to make your very own Magic Cupcakes and Potion Drinks to bind your friends in spooky spells.

Then run along to Miniland where you can go on a strange tour with the Chubby Elephant tour guide and Atok…. you will definitely some strange and weird characters who does not seem quite right in the mind….

Do not miss out on the Monster March start of the Halloween hours signalling the beginning of the Party and a thrilling dance at the end of the day, both happening at The Beginning.

For the entire ‘Party Night’ period and any kid who dresses up in a costume gets to enter for free so isn’t that just awesome!!!

LEGOLAND Malaysia opening hours has also been extended to 8.30pm on Brick-or-Treat Party Nights (Fridays and Saturdays).

It is truly a fun experience for my daughters and me… my younger daughter was half spooked by the zombies but at the same time thrilled….

For further information on promotions and activities for Halloween Brick or Treat Party Nights at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort, visit www.legoland.com.my and stay connected with us via social handles (Facebook&Twitter) to find out more on online Halloween promotions.


  1. That was such a fun way to celebrate Halloween. Love the pictures, too. Havent been to Legoland as we prefer to spend the day at a chocolate factory when we visited Malaysia two years ago. This gives us more reasons to consider it the next time. My boys would surely appreciate the place and fun.


  2. This is so cute, it looks fun! Speaking of spooktacular events, ours are coming soon too and I’m not sure which costume to get for my son yet. It’s one of the events I look forward to since last year. It’s the Halloween event with the mommy bloggers PH.


  3. Awwe! You seem to have a lot of fun there! This is one great mother-daughter bonding. Never been to Legoland but I totally wanted to visit one ese days. I guess the tour would be more fun with kids, yes? Or maybe with kids at heart..hehe!

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  4. wow. Didn’t know that Halloween is really done there. Here, it’s not that popular unless a certain community makes it to a point to have a gathering or event. I do admire the Lego pieces and kudos to the costume designers and make-up artists! They really did a wonderful job! Plus, the kids are so creative in having their costumes. So cute!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow! They like to celebrate Halloween early.I’ve never been to Legoland Malaysia, but I’ll certainly go there once I have a child of my own. Kids these days are certainly blessed to be able to attend great activities like this one. By the way, I want that limited edition Halloween commemorative Brick too.

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  6. This place has been on my bucketlist ever since it was opened in the public! I am pretty sure that this will bring out the inner kid in me. I never thought that there are other activities and attractions in LegoLand other than those amazing lego structures

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