Starhill Gallery’s A Journey Through Time X

If you think you are a big spender, or you enjoy indulging in the finest and best things in life, you would have known or heard that Starhill Gallery is Kuala Lumpur’s ultimate statement of taste and style in food, fashion, living, beauty and art.

Starhill Gallery provides privacy and exclusivity rarely seen in large shopping complexes and has seven themed floors that encapsulate a variety of experiences together with unparalleled dining experiences, some of the world’s most elegant fashion brands including DIOR, Louis Vuitton and Valentino, and exclusive watch and jewellery boutiques such as Bedat & Co. Richard Mille and Rolex.

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Starhill Gallery happens to also be listed as Asia’s Most Beautiful Mall by The Forbes Traveller, and the ultimate shopping destination in Kuala Lumpur.

A Journey Through Time was born in 2007 from a celebration of love and passion shared for the finest timepieces and their heritage.

Fine jewellery became an integral part of the event and this milestone year sees the inaugural JeweLuxe® showcasing distinguished jewellery houses and high octane designers from America, Europe and Asia.

Malaysia’s own luxury watchmaker MASA Horlogerie will also making their global debut here.

A Journey Through Time is returning to Starhill Gallery for the iconic 10th year featuring a curation of unique new offerings for connoisseurs and enthusiasts to celebrate the art and craftsmanship of watches and jewellery, complemented by high fashion, fine food and world-class entertainment.

This 10th anniversary marks the debut of a ten-day celebration from 4th to 13th November 2016 at Starhill Gallery. The event was previously only held for eight days annually over the previous nine years.

Presented with the support of Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism and Culture, A Journey Through Time X will bring its 10th anniversary theme of “Legacy and Iconsto life through an expanded calendar of exclusive offerings.

Watch aficionados will preview iconic and never- seen pieces in Asia while jewellery lovers will indulge in rare gems and exquisite creations by award-winning jewellers. The best of local and international fashion houses will collaborate with renowned watch and jewellery labels in shows and exhibitions, while culinary experiences for guests by Starhill Gallery’s Feast Village will be as diversely flavoured as A Journey Through Time.

The sensational and critically-acclaimed Ms. Carly Paoli will also be returning to Kuala Lumpur for the Opening Gala Night.

Malaysia is a leading shopping destination in the region. A Journey Through Time has for the last nine years reinforced Kuala Lumpur as a must-visit destination for the most discerning of travellers from Malaysia and around the world.

This year also sees a double celebration as the event marks an important milestone and we will be witnessing a stronger content of Malaysian creations taking centre stage through a showcases of Malaysia’s own cultural legacy – the songket, Malaysia’s first-ever watchmaking company of its calibre – MASA Horlogerie and Simone Jewels’ creations by a Malaysia-born, Singapore-based designer Simone Ng at JeweLuxe®.

Luxury shoppers from Malaysia and around the world can expect a well-curated experiences to encourage young novice collectors and enthusiasts from the public to discover, better appreciate and acquire timepieces and jewellery in Starhill Gallery.

 What can you expect:- 

  • Over 125 international watch and jewellery brands will participate in A Journey Through Time X including Bedat & Co, Breguet, Cecil Purnell, Hermès, Hublot, HYT, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Maîtres Du Temps, Moritz Grossmann, Mühle-Glashütte, Omega, Speake-Marin, Ulysse Nardin & Reuge, Zeitwinkel, Carrera y Carrera, Ceres, Emperor’s Fine Jewels, Gübelin and Mouawad with the addition of new brands namely Cartivia Italy and MASA Horlogerie. It will span over 30,000 sq.ft of public exhibition space.

photo taken from Starhill Galley FB Page

  • Tourism and Culture Gala Night: Watch and Jewellery of the Year Awards Presentation 2016 will feature British mezzo soprano Ms. Carly Paoli. The awards ceremony is on 4th November at the Mayang Sari Ballroom, JW Marriot Kuala Lumpur with 35 nominated pieces across 14 brands namely Bedat & Co, Breitling, Cartivia, Ceres, Garrard, Gubelin, HYT, Hermes, Hublot, Moritz Grossman, Rebellion, Romain-Jerome, Speake-Marine and Ulysse Nardin. The by-invitation event will announce winners of seven award categories:
  1. Favourite Ladies’ Watch Award
  2. Favourite Men’s Watch Award
  3. Watch With Complications In Movement Watch Award
  4. Timeless Jewellery Award
  5. YTL Spirit of Classical Art Award
  6. The Judges’ Choice Award
  7. Ministry of Tourism & Culture Most Revered Award

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  • MASA Horlogerie showcase features 10 to 15 timepieces, including the Kerabat Series, with prices ranging from RM 3,000 to RM 30,000 at Adorn Floor.
  • JeweLuxe® will feature a line-up of jewellers namely Paolo Costagli New York (USA), Hans D. Krieger Fine Jewellery (Germany), ZYDO (Italy), Infiniti Jewels (Singapore), Simone Jewels (Singapore) and Chavana (Thailand). The showcase will be at Starhill 1 and 2 at Level 4, JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur from 4th to 10th JeweLuxe® will include by-invitation only thematic events from 7th to 10th November for select invited guests.

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  • Timeless Royal Weave songket exhibition will feature British designer Dame Zandra Rhodes and Kraftangan at Adorn Floor. Visitors will also be able to see ‘live’ demonstration of songket weaving from 12pm to 7pm.

  • Fashion shows pairing watches and jewellery with the collections of Dame Zandra Rhodes will be held on 10th November and Lord’s Tailors menswear collection on 12th Both shows will be at Adorn Floor (time to be confirmed) and are open to the public by registering at Starhill Gallery concierge before 5th November on a first-come-first-serve basis. The showcase is part of Kuala Lumpur Alta Moda, a high fashion extravaganza held in Starhill Gallery to showcase couture collections by renowned international and local labels.

A Journey Through Time Retrospective exhibition will highlight the high points and collaborations of A Journey Through Time over the past 9 years. The exhibition is at Adorn Floor from 10am to 10pm.

The Legacy of Time portrait exhibition will feature ten prominent Malaysian personalities with their most-cherished and priceless pieces passed through generations at Adorn Floor.

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  • Bedat & Co’s Gala Night will feature Ms. Carly Paoli on 5th November at Shook! Feast Village, Starhill Gallery. Event is by-invitation only.
  • A Journey Through Time Closing Party will close the event on the 12th November at Shook! Feast Village, Starhill Gallery. Event is by-invitation only.

Visitors will also stand to win a pair of British Airways Premium Economy Kuala Lumpur to London return tickets with a minimum spend of RM10,000 during A Journey Through Time X in conjunction with the 1 Malaysia Year End Sale from 1st November to 31st December 2016.

Visit for more information and updates on the much-anticipated watch and jewellery showcase and follow A Journey Through Time X at

27 thoughts on “Starhill Gallery’s A Journey Through Time X

  1. Everything looks so luxurious! I can imagine how people will dress up for the occasion, would love to see everyone’s outfits, one of my hobbies is to look at how people dress at special events or weddings.


  2. I have a weakness for watches but my pocket is telling me otherwise. But then again, the purpose of a watch is to tell the time and a pasar malam watch can do just as well. That’s self-consolation. SIGH!


  3. Starhill Gallery is a high end places. Most of the exclusive brands will showcase at Starhill. Looking forward for the next events in November & December 2016.


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