Chatime x Kapiti New Zealand Ice Cream

Pssst…. Have you heard of Kapitea, Chatime’s latest collaboration with Kapiti New Zealand Ice Cream? Chatime and Kapiti is now giving you a unique experience for you to discover their new flavourful combination of Kapiti’s creamy ice cream and Chatime’s refreshing milk tea.

It is the most perfect pairing of dessert and drink that is now coupled together, bringing you a new drink called “Floatea” (but I rather call it Kapitea) and you should really experience it….. there are two super yummy flavours… which is the Cocoaberry Floatea and the Purpleberry Milktea Floatea… and you won’t believe the price…they are only RM8.50 each!!!! Seriously!!!!!

In conjunction with the drink, Chatime has even developed a revolutionary game called Kapi-Tea Timeout.

Some of my blogger friends and I were over at Chatime in Mid Valley to check out the Kapitea and also the game… and boy did we have so much fun taking up the challenge as well as challenging each other as to see who could score the highest or score a free drink….

The mechanics of this game are built to showcase the new products and the fact that it’s a combination of ice cream and tea via an interactive installation combining mobile technology, physical interaction and on-ground activation at selected 35 locations in Klang Valley & Penang.

All you have to do is visit, sign in to your facebook account and check out the unique code on the TV screen in front of you…(yes, you HAVE to be in front of the Chatime store and the TV)

Blogger friend Tommy gets more then 1000 points  playing the game entitling him to a free drink!!!

Best of all, you do not need to buy anything to play the game,but… you can instantly win discounts or free drink vouchers depending on your scores (300 points for a 50% discount or 1000 points for a free Kapitea of your choice…)or if you are very good at this game, you can win a holiday to New Zealand if you are the grand prize winner on the leaderboard of this game ending 9th October 2016.

This is my Cocoaberry Floatea and if you are asking me, it is sooooo yummilicious… and yes I want more!!!!

So what are you waiting for… find out more about Kapi-Tea Timeout at or check out the video on


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