Overcoming Chapped lips with Lip Pure

Have you ever noticed that during a trip somewhere or after a trip, you seem to have chapped lips? Well, I have noticed that it happens to me plenty of times… and I found out that the culprit is the air pressure in the cabin, of course….

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Yes, there is no denying there are still plenty of oxygen in a fully airborne plane cabin, but the air pressure somehow keeps us from being able to fully absorb that oxygen that’s freely moving about the cabin into our bloodstream. And with the low cabin humidity our skin starts to dry up, which is why you will find your lips chapped

So I learned my lesson and before I get on a flight, I will slather on moisturizer on my skin or even a sleeping mask on my face and of course… not forgetting my lip balm….

And with that I was introduced recently to an amazingly pure lip balm which has been formulated with FOOD GRADE ingredients, 5 types of ESSENTIAL OILS, 3 types of HONEY EXTRACTS and PLANT EXTRACTS.

Rest assured Lip Pure has the best natural and safe ingredients to nourish your lips for smoother, softer lips with its long-lasting moisturizing effect, especially when traveling (though of course, you are encouraged to use it when you are not traveling too!!!)

Mentholatum’s Lip Pure Essential Oil lip balm boasts only pure natural food grade ingredients in its formulation which makes it perfect for those with sensitive lips as well, as it is also fragrance free.

Created with a blend of 5 types of Natural Essential Oils namely Argan Oil, Marula Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, and Avocado Oil, the moisturising and nourishing properties of these oils produce beautifully soft, smooth and supple lips, anytime and wherever you are….. Enhanced with New Zealand Honey Bee ingredients that are natural and unpolluted, Lip Pure delivers unsurpassed properties of Beeswax, Royal Jelly and Manuka Honey to the skin.

Honey which is one of the key ingredients in this formulation is known to be a a natural humectant that ensures moisture is retained in the layers of the skin for lasting hydration so you can be sure your lips are supple even after your flight/ trip….

The Lip Pure Lip Balm also contains natural plant ingredients such as Meadow-foam Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Rosemary Leaf Extract to protect our skin from aging, smoothen dry lips while functioning as lips softener and moisturiser. Vitamin E is another important anti-oxidant element in its formulation that protects skin from damage caused by free radicals.

One swipe of this colourless lip balm is all you need to rejuvenate your lips from cabin pressure, any harsh weather and pollution.

Get your Lip Pure Lip Balm at any leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets at RM17.90 (4g).

More details: http://www.mentholatum.com.my/mentholatum/treatment_lippure.php

11 thoughts on “Overcoming Chapped lips with Lip Pure

  1. This looks like an interesting lip balm. Not the usual lip balm that I see in malls or stores. It’s eye catching for me since it looks like a lipstick!


  2. YES! I have noticed that. I had previously thought it was because I was going to a new place or some place where it is cooler. So air pressure does that! But wait… air pressure… if on the surface, the atmospheric is 1atm, flying commercial at 30K feet, the pressure should be 0.7atm, but the cabin is pressurized so it should be 0.9+ atm.

    As a scuba diver, I dive to depths of up to 120 to 160 feet (deeper dives are technical dives)… so I am going to depths where pressure is WAY HIGHER… 2atm at 30 feet, 4atm at 120 feet… why don’t I get chapped lips?


  3. I always have lip balm on my bag too, but I use Chapticks. It seems like I can try using Lip Pure as well based on your review. It is really a necessity for traveling especially during winter seasons. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  4. That is a bew product for me but i find myself trying it. Yup, noticed my lips isnt cooperating wspecailly during travels. And i might be needing one of those to keep iy hydrated and moist.


  5. Sounds like it’s an amazing product. Too bad it’s not locally available in the Philippines. I would love to try it out! Currently, my favorite lip balm is from Carmex. 🙂


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