Review: Alpacasso Cafe, AEON Mid Valley

Character cafés have been on the rise and are quite popular as they bring out a person’s inner child, a sense of imagination and love of all things “kawaii”! I have to admit I for one am a huge sucker when it comes to cutesy things, being female (sorry, I really do love my kawaii stuff, even more so then my kids sometimes)….However, most character cafés are only available for a limited time as people tend to get bored once the novelty dies off….

I have been dying to visit the Alpacasso Café in Mid Valley since I heard about it but have not quite manage to find time to do so…

The Alpacasso Café  is a pop up cafe serving the cutest food reflecting the character. The menu and theme of this pop up café  is scheduled to be rotated every 2 months – so you can look forward to something new every couple of months in this adorable café nestled at the Japanese collectible toy department area on Level 1 of AEON Mid Valley…

So some of my friends and I got together and paid a visit to satisfy our curiousity at this adorably cute café…. And we were definitely impressed by the presentation of each of the dishes… they have been painstakingly prepared and guaranteed to be Instagram worthy…(thus the slightly pricey price)

Our meal began with the Garden Green Salad (RM19.80), a very refreshing and  green salad with halved lady’s finger and edamame served with slices of bread and also onion dressing or Japanese dressing (some combination of miso and sesame… or so I think.. I might be wrong)… This is just great for those watching their weight…

But then again, I keep feeling the menu here is very healthy… after all, we all want to grow up or stay healthy and cute like those Alpacas with batty eyes…….. yes??? Hahahah…. Kidding..

The White Alpacasso Chicken or Beef Burger (RM28.80 – Chicken/ RM29.80 – Beef) is a dense and compact chicken/ beef patty prepared Japanese style glazed with yummy teriyaki sauce and sandwiched between a generous “pau” bun, served with salad and deep fried wedges and dipping sauce??? It is pretty good…

The Alpacasso Curry Island (RM26.80) is I think, one of their signature dishes. I is rice shaped like an Alpacasso’s face surrounded by fresh green salad and served with Japanese chicken curry, though there is not too much chicken in the curry.…

For those who are there for snacks and desserts, you really have to try them all.. as I cannot decide which one I like better… I hate to admit it but I liked them all…..

The Fluffy Alpacasso Pancakes (RM25.80) was fluffy and covered with white sauce (with macadamia nuts) and served with yummy fresh fruits such as sweet melon, grapes, kiwi, strawberries and bananas….

The Summer Danish Pillow (RM 25.80) consisted of a very flaky Danish bread with light and crispy edges topped with a yummy vanilla ice cream with an Alpacasso face and served with yummy fresh fruits such as sweet melon, kiwi, strawberries, grapes and bananas also… hahahah

The Cotton Candy Alpaccasoda  whose face and ears are made with edible rice crackers (RM24.80) is probably a must have…because, well, how can you resist it…..However it does makes you feel slightly bad when you are pouring the little jar of soda water through the cotton candy into the glass below and destroying the cuteness… you have you use the straw (or /and a spoon) to push cotton candy into the glass as it melts into the drink. This drink need about 10 minutes to prepare and it is quite yummy with a yuzu base, soda and the cotton candy adding to its sweetness….

For coffee lovers, get the Alpacasso Latte ( RM14.80) with the adorable Alpacasso coffee art sprinkled on top…

For those who like a healthier choice, the Garden Fresh Smoothie (fresh spinach, apple, banana blended with orange juice, coconut water and honey)  (RM17.80) is a must… I loved it…

Angod for cheesecake fans, the Potted Cheesecake (RM22.80) is a must…. It comes in a mug and the best thing about this is…. You get to keep the mug for free!! It taste of blueberry cheesecake and is covered with smashed oreos… It is not too cloying… and you actually have to really mash the whole thing in and mix it well before indulging in it.. and yes… it is yummy…

The Alpacasso Café will only be available from now up until the 15th of November 2016.. so be sure to hurry down there before it is gone… well, it won’t be gone but a new character and menu will take over… the owners are keeping mum and will not reveal what is next but all they said is it is something very popular now…. There is also news that another similar café might also be popping up somewhere else soon… so keep and eye and ear out for it ok….

So… Pokemon café? Hello Kitty café? Rilakkuma café??? Wait and see….

Address: AEON 1F Mid Valley Megamall, 75, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 58000 Kuala Lumpur

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