Singapore trip with my daughter – Part 1 (day 1 and 2)

After a lot of planning, my trip with my youngest daughter to my favorite neighboring country happened.. it certainly was harder planning this time around because of currency exchange.

People ask me, why Singapore? I would probably reply… why not? Singapore has always been one of the country which is close to my heart.. I have traveled quite a bit and I do have my top five favorite countries and yes, Singapore features on my top 5…

It is probably because I find it easy running around Singapore, there are no language barriers, barring the same one at home.. that is I can’t speak mandarin or cantonese or indian… so it is a problem… hahahah.. Most Singaporeans speak good English and some Malay as well.. but I think the main thing I like about Singapore is because number 1, it is a very clean country… it is a very FINE country where fines are slapped onto a lot of misdemeanors, from littering, crossing the street at a red light, smoking, etc etc….

Well, another reason would be as how it is in Japan and Korea, I feel safe running around alone or with my kid in Singapore…unlike back home in Malaysia where I have to be very wary of people who come to close or where I am…

Ok, this was what I got up to.. I was traveling with a 12 year old kid who is just at puberty, and where she is easily bored with every little thing back home… sigh… so this trip was all about her…(almost)

and things that would interest her… so it is an ideal plan for parents or moms or dads trying to think up places to bring the kiddies in Singapore… and yes, I have a 3 day full itinerary but even that is quite rushed as you have to know that Singapore might seem like a small country but there is just sooooooooo many things to see and do you can not cover everything in a week, let alone 3-4 days…

However, 3 days plus was what I had.. so let me share my itinerary…. You can read and find out more about the different individual places in the next few posts over the coming days in

Day 1: our flight from Kuala Lumpur via AirAsia took off at 6.10am and we got to Changi Airport Terminal 1. We then collected our pocket WiFi as you know how important it is to be able to keep in touch with friends, family or update details.. My choice of WiFi this time around was from Travel Recommends/Changi Recommends…and you get unlimited WiFi for the duration and the connection was simply awesome…

Then we went to have breakfast at the Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe. I saw this online and since I promised to bring my mini me to one of this and so since it was there, so we headed there….the place is magnificent and beautiful…and the food.. pretty good actually..

From there, we headed to Terminal 2 to get our Singapore Tourist Pass… I use the public transport so this is really heaven sent.. as all I did was pay SD20 +SD10 for deposit, and for three full days I do not have to worry or calculate how much I need to spend on my transport.. I just hop on and off any bus or MRT or LRT in Singapore…. and even going the wrong way, no sweat, else I would be sweating over every dollar I have to pay… LOL

We then headed to my first hotel for the night, Ibis Styles Hotel at MacPherson… It was a very charming hotel filled with colours.. My room was white but the bathroom, toilet and part of the wall was shades of orange, red and yellow…. but what matters most here was the bed was just soooooo comfy… you really find it hard to get out of bed… hahaha

Anyway, after checking in and leaving our luggages, we headed out to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum… I was checking out how to get there and what do you know… there was a bus number 151 right  opposite the road from the Ibis Styles at MacPherson actually went directly to Lee Kong Chian…. I was relieved… though it was quite a distance away… huhuhu… over 30 stops..

We got there to the museum at about 12.30pm… and wandered around a bit before joining the free tour at 1pm. there is a free tour at the museum by one of the university students on volunteer basis. The tour takes about 1 hour all around the biodiversity gallery where my daughter delighted in exploring and discovering the diverse groups of life forms on our planet Earth, from plants, molluscs, anthropods, mammals and dinosaurs…

From Lee Kong Chian Natural  Natural History Museum, we headed back to the hotel to rest for a bit before taking a shuttle bus out from the hotel to the nearest MRT, Tai Seng MRT….

From there we took the train to Gardens by the Bay where my not so little girl and me headed to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest… we could not walk outside that much as it was raining….

The Flower Dome had the very vibrant and colourful Tribal Tempo Garden Trail with all the extremely unique and glorious blooms from South Africa…. I often found it a chore getting my daughter to take pictures with her camera and she delighted in taking her own phone camera and taking plenty of pictures…

We then headed to the Cloud Forest. I have previously been to the Flower Dome, but it was during Christmas season, but I have never been to the Cloud Forest.. not before this and if you think the Cloud Forest is nothing much after the Flower Dome, you are sadly mistaken…

It is just as amazing, and cooling and I just did not know how I could have missed the opportunity before this…there is a 35 metre man-made mountain there with an amazing waterfall cascading down just as you enter…and there is the almost death defying walkways, tree top walks and so on those who are terrified of heights would not bother but will miss out on amazing views…

We then headed back after that as we were pretty exhausted from all the walking and my daughter complained her feet was aching… we clocked in over 15 km on foot.. and well, it was still dreary and drizzling and the OCBC Skyway was closed because of the weather… so we missed out on that….

Once we got back to the hotel, we quickly seeked our beds… huhuhu

Day 2: We woke up at about 5.45am, and got ready to head to the 4th floor of the hotel for our breakfast… It was a simple affair of vegetarian rice noodles, waffles, egg omelette, cornflakes, yogurt, fruits, etc…etc… Then we headed back to our rooms to pack up and check out…

We then took the bus near the hotel to the Tai Seng LRT about 1 km away… then headed to Harbourfront, where we took the Sentosa Express to Sentosa.. My daughter and I sent our luggages to the Amara Sanctuary Resort to register and leave our bags there before heading to the Universal Studios Singapore…

This was the first time we were back there since 3- 4 years ago I think,… and we had a lot of fun on some of the rides… rides my daughter could not go before since she was little.. and she had so much fun…her favorite ride was the Revenge of the Mummy ride, an indoor roller coaster in the dark.. huhuhu… and then we had some wild moments at the Puss in Boots ‘ Giant  Journey and Transformers the Ride…


We then headed to our second destination for the day.. The Adventure Cove Waterpark.. I have been to the S.E.A Aquarium a couple of times before so it was time for a change and it did not fail to thrill us, especially when we got to snorkel in a huge pool with real deep sea fishes… it was definitely an exciting experience..


It would be even more awesome if you had a big budget as you can then add on encounters with the sharks, the rays or even the dolphins…huhuhu

We then headed back to the Amara Sanctuary and checked into our room… and oh my god… our room the Larkhill Terrace Suites was just amazing…

The Amara Sanctuary Resort is a very unique and gorgeous hideaway tucked in the middle of nature and it is just so lovely… my daughter was delighted with the room we had that featured two beds… one regular king sized bed and another king sized day bed outside… a lovely bath tub and the creme de la creme….. the door at the other side of the suite that opened out to an infinity pool!!!

We unwind, and let our surroundings lull us after two whole days of activities… and for now… good night….

Tomorrow is a whole new day with more activities… where will my mini me and I be going? Find out soon…heheh.. until then, bye for now…

8 thoughts on “Singapore trip with my daughter – Part 1 (day 1 and 2)

  1. It’s been a long time since I visit SG with my family, I started miss Universal Studio after reading your blog huhu ! TT By the way I really want to go Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe !! >.< *BIG FAN OF HELLO KITTY IS HERE *


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