Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore

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I arrived early at about 9.30am and left my luggages at the Amara Sanctuary Resort before heading out to Resort  World Sentosa to Universal Studios Singapore and also Adventure Cove…Even early in the morning, just as I stepped into the lobby, I was warmly welcomed by the concierge and receptionist… who happily took my luggage to store them away.

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When it was about 4pm, after our day out at both the USS and Adventure Cove, my daughter and I headed back to the hotel and were promptly checked in…we were brought to our room by the hotel’s buggy. The bellboy brought our luggage to the room and showed us the room before leaving us to our own device.

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My daughter was all wide eyed at our sumptuous suite…we were after all putting a night up at the Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa’s Larkhill Terrace Suites and they were magnificent….



The Larkhill Terrace Suites has a history, as well, being formerly WWII colonial British Army barracks from the 1930s, and later occupied by Scripture Union, a Christian organization used for conducting Sunday Schools from the late 1970s to 2008. This heritage building is beautifully restored to embody quaint historian charm with a touch of modernity in this exquisite designed interior.


Larkhill Terrace has 18 luxurious suites each with a floor area of 60 to 80 sqm and a king size bed and yet another king sized day bed at the back of the suite facing the infinity lap pool…


There is also a small Jacuzzi next to the infinity lap pool… and these pools are exclusive only to Larkhill Terrace guests.


Our suite had plenty of amenities from an internet protocol phone, satellite TV, complimentary mini bar (replenished once daily) and coffee machine. Then there is the coffee and tea making facilities…


Free WiFi internet access is also available and you have to get the password from the TV, and if you prefer a wired connection, an internet port is also equipped in the suite for you to access the internet freely – at no charge.


There is a shower and also a toilet in the centre of the suite, and a bath and the day bed at the back of the suite facing the pool…


…there are two sinks for him and her with full toiletries…

There was also two little glass jars of cookies and nuts (almonds, cashew nuts) on the table which were complimentary…


My daughter and I took the time to wander around the resort, especially after finding a little brochure on “a walking guide” around the resort…


The exclusive resort is indeed a unique and serene hideaway for a retreat, a honeymoon or just to escape the humdrum of regular life in the rat race… It was just so beautiful there and my daughter was excited to be there..

Another thing I have to say is that unlike other resorts, Amara Sanctuary Resort is also very generous with their oxygenated drinking bottled water as I could find it at the swimming pool area complimentary and they also have a tid bits bar at the lobby with drinks and snacks on free flow.. unlike other hotels that will charge you for it…


It is no wonder that Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa is an award-winning resort . It was designed by a Japanese architect, Miyake Masaki with minimalist design elements with the feel of modern luxury that made the Amara Sanctuary Resort a place where nature, Asian hospitality meets quaint colonial charms…and there are a total of 140 gorgeously designed guest rooms, suites, villas and mansion…


We had a very relaxing evening walking around the resort meeting the resident peacocks and peahens before heading back to our room to relax and soak ourselves in the tub and the pool….. before falling asleep on the oh so comfortable bed…..


We woke up the next morning to birds chirping and peacocks meowing…. Ok, maybe not meowing but have you heard a peacock cry? They go…” Meoowwwttth” something like the name of the cat character from Pokemon…

Such is the life of waking up at the Larkhill Terrace Suite of the Amara Sanctuary.. and my daughter peered up sleepily next to me when I nudged her awake… She heard the peacocks cry as well as she ran to the back of the suite to open the doors that faced the infinity pool there and yes, peering at us suspiciously was a glorious peacock.. His plumes were definitely majestic, unlike some of the other peacocks in the bird park or zoos… Further to the left, near the Jacuzzi were three other peahens in various sizes…

My daughter bid them a good morning before gingerly walking back to the suite as she became nervous with the suspicious stares the birds were giving her…


We then got ready and headed to Shutters restaurant for breakfast. Breakfast here is definitely a lavish affair and you can get a variety of dishes, from Nasi Lemak, Mee Soto; normal continental breakfast; Dim Sum and even Japanese – Miso Soup with Japanese rice; Korean – Tteobokki, Ginseng Chicken porridge, Kimchi and more.. I was definitely spoilt for choice…


We had our breakfast and headed back to our suite as my mini me wanted to swim before we checked out… she went for her swim and took a nice bath in the tub before getting ready and packing her bags…


When it was time to check out, we were sorry that our stay at this gorgeous tropical paradise had come to an end…


I really highly recommend this amazing paradise to anyone who wants a getaway in paradise, for a honeymoon or just to relax and unwind… this is an amazing place to be….

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For more info, check out:-

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, 1 Larkhill Road, Sentosa, Singapore 099394


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