Hangout @ Mt.Emily, Singapore

During my recent trip to Singapore, my daughter and I also stayed over at Hangout@ Mt. Emily. Hangout@ Mt. Emily one of the hotels, the first one, I think, of Hangout Hotels, which is part of the Cathay Organisation.

Hangout@ Mt. Emily prides itself as a no frills, just fun stay, somewhat kind of similar to our local Tune Hotels. However, you can be sure that Hangout@ Mt. Emily  definitely offers their guests and visitors a cosy environment that is safe and secure with clean, fully air-conditioned rooms and en-suite bathrooms at rates that are reasonably within your budget.

Whether you are a business traveller looking for basic, clean but comfortable accommodations on cost-saving business trips,

…family on holiday…

or backpackers from near or far who enjoy hanging out and meeting other fellow travellers, Hangout@ Mt. Emily has it all for you….

Hangout @ Mt. Emily is a 7-storey building that is located right in the heart of town, near Little India and Orchard Road… It is located on a little hill and it is truly very peaceful and safe as the President of Singapore has his homes nearby here too…. And besides that, for those who love nature, you can definitely enjoy a stroll through Mt. Emily Park, one of Singapore’s National Parks, that is right outside the hotel.

My daughter and I had to walk a little bit from the Little India station (exit A) and up a little flight of stairs at the Mt. Emily Park before we arrived at the Hangout hotel….

The lobby is very simple with two round seats there and a simple reception counter… next to the reception, you can find brochures and maps of places you might be interested to visit as well.. and they do sell instant noodles, snacks etc at the reception as well…

We were there early and our room was not ready yet, so we left our luggage with Nan, the hotel manager who locked it up safely for us….  We came back to the Hangout hotel later in the evening and was given a double room with basic furnishings.

We were pleased to see that once you exit the elevator, there is a door there which need your card to enter….so only people living on that floor can enter that door….

The room is spacious enough for two, and most importantly the bed is slightly creaky, as it is a roll away bed, but the mattress is just perfect and comfortable.

The adjacent bathroom is small and there are not much amenities (no frills… remember?) but there is shower gel and towels provided…..

My daughter and I had a good night sleep there and early next morning we headed downstairs for breakfast…

The cafeteria/ restaurant definitely looked very classy with wooden furnishing all over… and breakfast here is  simple, just cereals, decent toasts with butter, peanut butter and jam, egg sandwiches and steamed chicken sausages… and of course, orange juice, milk, coffee and tea….

Fill up, fill up… as this would save you a meal as unless you are from Europe, US or so, most of us know that Singapore can be pretty expensive…

For those who want to relax and perhaps mingle around with other guests here at the Hangout@ Mt. Emily , there is a twenty four hours Veg Out Lounge, where a different movie will be aired every night at about 9pm….  There are plenty of sofa, seats and some beanies around…

There is also Log Out – an internet bar with desktops for those who want to get connected to the cyber world…

You can also find a little pantry for coffee, tea and water,

a smoking area for smokers,

and Time Out- a little library and a window seat to curl up at….

There is also a 24 hour Wash Out – laundry room  for you to wash your laundry if you are staying there for a while… and it comes basic ironing facilities too….

But what has to be the best would be the little secret Look Out Terrace on the top floor/roof top… with a gorgeous view of Singapore’s skyline…

Here you can watch sunrise or sunset, and perhaps do some star gazing in the warm balmy Singapore night….

During the day you can laze away and catch some tan on the deckchairs

and they so have a very unique and lovely shower/ paddle pool that you can get wet if the weather is too hot, or just sink your feet in… The lovely frangipangi trees are also decorated with fairy lights and pretty lanterns and I am sure it must be gorgeous at night….

Hangout@ Mt. Emily may consider itself budget and no-frills, but the comfort, safety, the great high speed internet, and the helpfulness of the staff is just commendable and I enjoyed my short stay here… I also loved that the rooms are so colourful…

Address: Hangout@Mt. Emily, 10A Upper Wilkie Road Singapore 228119

Getting there: Little India MRT (Exit A), Cross the Mackenzie Road , turn right, walk a little until you can turn left and turn left again…..until you come to the foot of the Mt Emily Park…..then just climb up the stairs…

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