SnowWorld at Resorts World Genting, Genting Highlands

Ok, I might sound like Scroonge here but well, I am just an ordinary mom of three and I belong to the lower middle income range..  but hey, if you have ever wished to feel how it is like in Europe in the biting cold winter, and do not have the means, because face it, a trip to Europe will cost almost RM10k, just head over to the SnowWorld  at Resorts World Genting..

It does not cost an arm and a leg like it would if you were to travel to Europe (especially with our pathetic currency at present) and well, face it, you can escape the cold once you have gotten enough of it…

Personally I have been to Europe- Ireland, England, Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands and yes, I know how it feels like when it snows and the biting cold of the wind…but well, that was when I was young and single and could afford to travel…

Now that I am married and saddled with kids and family… the chances of traveling long distance is kind of slim now… And so I was over at the Snow World at ResortsWorld Genting with my mini me..

When we got there, we bundled up at the counter… with winter coats, rubber boots and gloves…. And then we entered the freezer…

yup… we entered the gigantic freezer that was -5 degrees in temperature…and stepped into the snow world, with igloos and… a European village.. Yup, they have an Excitement Europe Façade where part of SnowWorld has been transformed to look like a mini Europe….

And yes, you can kinda tour Europe in a matter of minutes… as you take it the beautiful scenes of Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, England, Norway, Italy and Netherlands…..

Yes, you can actually imagine you are at a German Boucherie with the 3D sausages and 3D cow…

…or make believe you are in Netherlands with the huge replica of the Netherlands Wooden Clogs and the windmill and tulips…

Head upstairs carefully and come to a little 3D trick art in the snow… where you can enter a medieval world and take pictures being part of the King’s Feast…..

Or become an unfortunate victim in the Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble cauldron with three witches intending to make you into their dinner….

Or escape the Falling Chandelier….

And a picture with the Snow Monster and get envelop in the blue fog that is the Monster’s breath is of course a must…

Be careful not to fall into some hellish hole with the undead coming alive…

Or let’s see how you can Train your Dragon with the Dragon prop…..

Or well…. Be sure to stay away from that hungry Griffin looking for some humans to make a meal out of….. hahahah……..

My daughter and I definitely had a lot of fun here at the SnowWorld here… and when the cold gets too much, we just run out of the room… hahaha

Tickets are just RM38.30 for adults and teenagers (RM34.50 for Genting Rewards Card/ GRC members) and RM32.50 for children and senior citizens (RM29.20 for GRC members) or check out the Family Package for just RM129.10

For more info, check out

Address: SnowWorld, First World Plaza, 69000 Genting Highlands

5 thoughts on “SnowWorld at Resorts World Genting, Genting Highlands

  1. What a wonderful time you and your daughter spent at SnowWorld. I have never been to a foreign country during winter, or been to SnowWorld or similar attractions. Wish I could play with snow one day!


  2. That looks so similar to real ambiance of snow world! I can understand the cravings to get to snow as I too belong to a tropical region. Good to know that Genting Highland is able to replicate the scene with such high standards.


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