Travel Recommends Pocket WiFi- unlimited internet when traveling

Whenever we travel anywhere, if you are a social media junkie like me, or if you need connectivity and being able to update whatever you’ve been up to, use google maps to find your way around town when lost, googling up info online and staying in touch  with best friends and loved ones, you definitely need a pocket WiFi….

After all, even in big, cosmopolitan cities like Japan, Korea, Singapore and other places, it is not easy to get free WiFi everywhere even when they tell you you can get your WiFi here and there… but here and there would usually be hotels, cafes or restaurants, popular tourist spots and maybe the subway/ MRT stations…Unless you want to be stuck in those places and waste precious time when you are suppose to be soaking in the sights, scenes and doing more, I am sure you are not gonna be sitting there or staying there for half and hour or so right…

And seriously..I was so glad I had a pocket WiFi when I was in Seoul and when I was in Singapore… it is just so helpful when using it to check on google maps the direction to your hostel/ hotel which is off the beaten track…. I seriously mean this, and if I had not had my pocket WiFi then with me, heaven knows how much time would be spend going around in circles…

You probably might have some other options…which would be to get a pack of  the local prepaid SIM card at the country , use internet roaming by your local telco provider which is definitely a BAD idea as it will BURN a hole in your pocket for sure or just disconnect yourself from the cyber world  and enjoy the trip -which can be done by certain people like my husband.. who barely checks his WhatsApp or social media… but when it is for people like me and my daughters… it’s not possible!!

So I guess the only option would be of course to get me one of those pocket WiFi which comes very handy as it is small… it fits nicely in my hand, and it was just in my bag conveniently for me to use whenever I need anytime any where as I gallivanted from place to place…

And it comes in handy as it can be used to connect to multiple devices at the same time. My daughter connects to the WiFi too, so she could brag to her friends that she was at USS riding the Revenge of the Mummy …. hahah…

.. and when I am at my hotel and chance on a bad internet there, I use my laptop with the pocket WiFi too..

Travel Recommends was my choice when I headed to Singapore… as it was just so affordable at RM9 a day… I still have nightmares of the time I had to pay RM45 for an hour of internet at a hotel in Tokyo a few years ago, as I had been desperate to get in touch with a Japanese friend I was meeting up with….

Travel Recommends offers Overseas WiFi Router rental to Malaysian travellers who are traveling abroad for leisure or business. Travel Recommends ensures that you and me will always receive excellent internet connection when we are abroad.

With Travel Recommends Pocket WiFi, you can enjoy UNLIMITED DATA abroad and stay CONNECTED without any worries….

It was so easy getting it also… all I did was email/ messaged them where I was traveling – in this case Singapore, and after all the necessary payment etc online and filling up the forms, I simply collected my pocket WiFi at Changi airport when I arrived at the Changi Recommends place when I came out of the arrival hall… so easy peasy…

And my experience using it was just seamless, perfect and I did not have to worry about how much data I was using as it was just unlimited… and so yes, I will be sure to use it again… and I highly recommend it too…

Going out of the country? Get your pocket Wifi  at
Check them out on
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9 thoughts on “Travel Recommends Pocket WiFi- unlimited internet when traveling

  1. Yes it is indeed very helpful, I justify had mine too weeks ago ,but my main purpose is to have a backup Internet if a sudden black out happens, especially in our place, but using it for almost 2 weeks now, it gaves me a lot of inconvenience, just as you mentioned while travelling


  2. Unlimited data while abroad? That’s a good deal!

    However the deal is only as good as the connectivity and the speed. But looking at the countries covered, I believe their internet structure is in place. I’m not sure though with Cambodia or Vietnam.


  3. I love pocket and usb wifi router thingys!
    We travel a lot, and very commonly do we go places without internet! I love my usb internet because I load it up with gigas just like I would my phone. the best part is that I can even use it in a moving car or in a treehouse! Gotta love a pocket wifi.


  4. I totally agree with this! Everybody who’s traveling should have a pocket wifi with them. When I went to Singapore before, I had no idea where to go, what to ride and how to meet my friends. So whenever possible, I turn on my GPS and google maps to find out where this certain place is. I would only use mall internet back then because I couldn’t afford to have a pocket wifi. Luckily, today, it’s almost everywhere. And the chances of getting lost or not finding your destination is very very little.


  5. I usually buy a local SIM card as I am usually travelling alone. WiFis are great though, for those who travel in a group. The line can be shared, and the cost as well.


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