Get The Entertainer and start saving BIG on food and travel

I love traveling, be in in our own lovely country as well as outside Malaysia… With our current state of economy, sometimes traveling makes me want to cry.. and so is eating out because when you are eating out with your partner or kid, the bill doubles up..

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And unless you are in the upper middle class category or rich category, it is definitely painful… but well, did you know there is one app or book now that really helps with travel and eating out…. It is none other than the Entertainer .

If you haven’t heard of the Entertainer yet, I feel bad for you since you have been missing out on a whole load of amazing deals.

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What is The Entertainer you ask me? Well, it is a somewhat an amazing book and/or phone app filled with hundreds of service, meals and products in a Buy One Get One Free offer. You go to one of the merchants/cafes/hotels and get one service/main meal or hotel room and they give you another for free!!!


I have been using The Entertainer and I loved it because for the whole year, the offers are completely flexible.. Using The Entertainer is simple: buy one get one free. There are three vouchers each for more than 250 merchants that essentially cover all your entertainment needs. These include fine dining establishments, casual restaurants, upmarket bars, spas, fitness studios and so many more.

 There are other books offering vouchers as well but there is always some catch or hidden clause somewhere and there is a time limit and /or you can only get one buy one free one offer, and the others are supposedly some savings.. 20 percent or so… so annoying…

So, here are my 5 reasons why I  love the Entertainer and am so recommending it to you………..

You can now buy it for just RM75, and believe me when I tell you, you will definitely be able to make back in savings whatever you pay for the Entertainer.

This can happen within your first meal, or second meal… normally the first if you happen to head to one of the more expensive restaurants like what I did when I brought my hubby to the Cedar on 15 at Impiana hotel KLCC for a little treat and we had a sumptuous lunch there with me ordering the Wagyu Beef on Himalayan Salt Blocks RM115 and my hubby opting for the Fjord Salmon from Norway RM58, which was of course, totally free….and all I had to pay for my meal was of course, my bill…

Now if I were to dine there without The Entertainer, I would have had to pay almost RM200 for our meals…

And yes, Cedar on 15 is a gorgeous place to go for a leisurely lunch or dinner with your spouse or special someone as it is quite, exclusive and I love the ambiance….

CEDAR ON 15 , Impiana KLCC Hotel, Level 15, Club Tower, 13 Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603 2147 1111



Now, if you buy the App now, you can get it for just RM75 … and this would be a whooping RM58 savings already

The Entertainer has a range of other fantastic merchants.  You do not have to worry about looking for restaurants as just flip the app open and key in where you are at and choose your options of where you want to dine in with your friend/spouse/kid/business colleague be it at a nice restaurant like the Serena Brasserie, Dynasty Restaurant, Chakri Palace or so…. If you want something cheaper there are also many fast food/ snacks shops you can visit such as Krispy Kreme, Jipangi, chatime, Lecka Lecka, San Francisco Coffee, Juice Works, Moo Cow etc…. .

The sports, pleasure and leisure category of the Entertainer offers activities that can pretty much cover every weekend in a year. You can try Breakout, laser tag at Galactic Laser and Laser Warzone, archery at Stars Archery, rollerblading at Roller Sports World, ice skating at Sunway Pyramid Ice, yachting at Crystal Yacht Holiday, the options are endless. Or for parents, bring the kids out to Kizsports & Gym, Parenthood Playland, Jungle Gym, Megakidz and the list goes on……and yes, even on Hop On and Hop Off buses here in Malaysia!!!

For those who require and need some self pampering, check out Phillip Wain Fitness & Beauty, AsterSpring, Mandara Spa and so on…..

Did you know the purchase of the Entertainer app/book also includes the Entertainer Travel for free which is like soooo amazing if you love traveling… and this features discounts for more than 250 properties across Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Indian Ocean. You can get one night free when you pay for one night at luxury hotels such as The Danna,  Banyan Tree, Sheraton, Sofitel, Grand Hyatt, Conrad, One World Hotel and Gayana Eco Resort… how amazing is that…

… am considering heading to Bali and I might just stay at the InterContinental Bali Resort… and it is so easy as you can even find out everything you need to know about the hotel there on the App itself…

The vouchers can be used by anyone, which means you can share these cool discounts with your family and friends by pinging the offers to them! I shared some of the food vouchers with a couple of my friends so that they can enjoy what the app is offering as well…

In my opinion I would say getting the Entertainer App is more convenient as it is all stored inside your smart phone rather than having to carry the kinda thick book around!!

I like that the App can tell me how much I have saved, and also find restaurants and merchants wherever  I am.

And I do not have to worry about forgetting to bring out my book or vouchers which happened to me several times last year when I was using the book….

And with Christmas around the corner, if your New Year resolution is to save money and be more financially savvy, then this is the ONE App you should get , especially when there is a huge discount now, yeah the App is now selling for just RM75… and to think of all the savings in dining, travel, spa and attractions you will get in the near future…

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It is also an ideal gift for your family members or besties… so check it out now…

For more details check out


pictures and video taken /credit to the Entertainer /Google

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