Review: Thai /Japanese fusion cuisine at ‘SANOOOK’, Sunway Pyramid West, Selangor

I first heard of Sanoook when I was at Chakri Palace in Pavilion.. they were giving out discount vouchers then and my interest was definitely piqued to know more…  All I know then was that Sanoook was at Sunway Pyramid…but I did not even see it when I was there…

So I decided to head there with a couple of my blogger buddies…and well, if you are looking for the place, it is located near the Clio hotel, so this means you have to exit Sunway Pyramid mall at the H&M or Caffe Bene exit and turn left….you will then find this restaurant tucked cosily in the corner of the next building…

I made a date with my friends and with my youngest daughter in tow, we headed there… and my first impression was wow… it was definitely cosy, welcoming and looked like a fun place…

Sanook, or sanuk means much, much more than fun. Fun is something that we have when playing games or doing something fun. Sanuk is said to be the output of a harmonious group that does not have hidden agenda. It is something loud and wild but also deep caring and comfort. And it is said that you cannot quite sanuk if you’re alone – being around friends and family is what makes an experience sanuk. He he he……

Sanoook is somewhat Chakri Palace’s playful younger cousin, its name illustrates its enthusiasm, by injecting an extra ‘o’ into the Thai word ‘sanook’ (fun) to represent a circle of friendship.

Sanoook is created via a love affair with Thai and Japanese cuisine. Using secret, authentic Thai recipes from their older and more serious cousin, the flagship Chakri Palace and adding a twist of presentation and creative culture of Japanese food, Sanoook, brings us an amazing plethora of dishes where cultures and tastes merge

So be sure to head to Sanoook with your friends, loved ones and let the party start. You can have a choice of sitting inside in air conditioned comfort or dine  al-fresco with the fresh air….

We had some drinks to start and it certainly was hard choosing your drinks here…there is so much to choose from.. and all pretty unique and interesting..and we had the Sanoook Punch (RM15.90),  Thai Spikey Lemongrass Tea (RM10.90), Thai Pandan Honey (RM10.90)and Thai Milky Iced Tea  (RM10.90)

We also ordered a carafe of fruit infused water (RM5.90) with detoxification properties. Ours came with oranges and mint leaves prepared overnight… It’s an awesome refreshing and thirst quenching drink especially on a humid day.

We then began our meal with the Sanoook Salad (RM 30) consisting of greenies with the Japanese Cucumber wrapped with Salmon, Avocado & Baked Apple. The dish definitely impressed us… we practically went like ‘ohh wow’ when the dish came to our table… how not to when the dish was painstakingly prepared with the pan seared salmon wrapped around the Japanese cucumber and a generous sprinkle of deep fried burdock roots…the taste was also good….with creaminess and the right amount of tartness…

We got starry eyed again when our soups came in a little pot with a sake bottle…. Yup, you have to pour your soup out from the pretty sake bottle.. and as Sherry was pouring it out, we got trigger happy with our cameras…. the tom yum soup tasted amazing just like how Chakri Palace would serve it… satisfyingly flavourful with the shrimps (RM23.90).

The Thai Coconut Soup(RM16.90) with chicken wontons and enoki mushrooms was also a pleasant surprise on our palates…


We also indulged in the skewers, which consisted of your choice of meat, fish or vegetables matched with a sauce of your choice…, and we had the Salmon Belly with lime and chilli (RM39.90) and chicken with the yummy Thai curry massaman (RM17.90). Verdict: definitely yummilicious to the point of speechlessness because am busy cramming food in my mouth…he he he…

We just had to try one of those sushi rolls as well as my daughter wanted some.. my daughter loves her Japanese and Thai food too, like her mom… hehehe… We had the Fresh Salmon with spicy Miso Cream Sauce (RM28.90)

See the reason why I am so fat….. hahaha.. I cannot resist good food…

We then had a plate of the Pan Fried Tuna Steak with Spinach & Mixed Mushroom served with Teriyaki Sauce (RM28.90) where the Tuna was pan fried medium rare just enough to allow you to indulge cooked but half raw/ think tuna sashimi. The fish dish is really good and so tasty with the teriyaki sauce and of course, we were all hooked on that crispy burdock root the garnished it… hahaha

Then last but not least we tried one of those Sushi Burgers and ordered the Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Thai Mango Chilli Sauce (RM33.90)… it came served with wasabi mayonnaise too.. which was reasonably pleasant to taste for a wasabi hater like me… yup… I hate wasabi….can’t stand it despite loving Japanese food… but this wasabi mayonnaise is actually quite nice…the Sushi Burger came with the crispy soft shell crab tucked in between salad and fluffy rice…yup, rice, not bread… it was a little strange… I guess if you are thinking burger and bread… but it is delicious to the tastebuds… It came with a basket of our favorite crispy burdock roots and some corn..

A good meal is nothing without something sweet and cold…. In my opinion….and so we had the Thai Volcano (RM16.90) that reminded me of our ‘ice kepal’ or Korean Bingsu except this one came in Thai Milk Tea flavour and garnished with flour cake, pearls and sago…. and yes, mind you, this comes in a huge portion, more then enough for 4-5 people…

And we also had some drinks to take away because it was just too irresistible and cute.. check out the decorations of the drinks… hahaha

We had some fruit drinks – Vitamin Pumpster (orange, carrot and apple)  , Fibre Fighter (orange , pineapple and celery)  (RM10.90 each )   , Sexy Orange and Thai Lychee Iced tea (RM9.90 each)…

Yeah… we definitely had a ‘sanook’ time at Sanoook.. prices may seem slightly pricey but the food, ambience and fun is definitely priceless… so it is worth it… check it out and well, they do have daily specials as well..

BTW Sanoook is also opening another outlet soon at Pavilion KL end of November, so keep your eyes and ears out on this……

Address – Sanoook, Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid West/ Sunway Clio Hotel….

Daily, 10am-11pm.

Tel: +603-5650-5196

Website –

6 thoughts on “Review: Thai /Japanese fusion cuisine at ‘SANOOOK’, Sunway Pyramid West, Selangor

  1. The food looks so beautifully presented and I love that you get to pour your own soup over the food. The drinks look delicious too!


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