Lonely Planet’s The Travel Book…

If you have happened to visit any notable bookshops, you would have found the Lonely Planet’s new book The Travel Book. I happened on one at the Kinokuniya yesterday…

This huge coffee table book features every country in the world… and is a joy to browse through or read…

Lonely Planet’s definitive million-selling tome’s revitalised third edition comes with comprehensively updated content  with over 800 stunning new photographs that make the book so very inspiring, engaging and compelling.

This book was first published in 2004, and  is Lonely Planet’s much-loved photographic journey through every country in the world and is the book every traveller should own…

Every page I turn mesmerize me and through browsing through this book, I have also come out with new bucket lists of places and things I want to do… as well as fond memories of countries and places I have visited….

This gorgeous book  has taken countless readers on a virtual and cultural tour of the planet.

Lonely Planet has also launched a dedicated landing page on the Lonely Planet website – http://www.lonelyplanet.com/travel-book – which showcases six stunning 360-degree videos that take viewers through an immersive, panoramic tour of the continents, as well as offering the chance to win the journey of a lifetime to one of six continents.

If you consider yourself a traveler, you really need to own one of this . The Travel Book brings its readers on an odyssey that starts in Afghanistan, and all the countries in the world according to alphabetical order and ends with Zimbabwe.

My daughter and I truly love the photos and also the details and tips given on the specifics of each country, such as when to go, what to see, and how best to experience it.

Besides covering every country, The Travel Book also contains 11 further places of interest. These bonus destinations are not countries, but small dependencies that are great attractions in their own right.

This new edition of The Travel Book is guaranteed to inspire intrepid globetrotters and armchair travellers alike- my husband does not like the hassle and trouble of traveling much but he too finds this book fascinating…my youngest girl is just as fascinated and would try to pretend to play roulette by saying she will visit the country the page opens to when she grows up…and this sparks off lots of laughter when she opens pages she did not quite expect..

On a lighter note… the book is also good for weightlifting…hehehe….just kidding.. there you have it, go get yours now… it is a magnificent book, well worth the investment…

Fast Facts for The Travel Book: ● 230 countries & destinations ● 850 images ● 33 authors ● 448 pages ● 355mm x 265mm The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World By Lonely Planet October 2016 | USD$50 /RM199.00| 3rd Edition 355mm by 265mm | 448 pages | Full-Colour Hardcover

7 thoughts on “Lonely Planet’s The Travel Book…

  1. *throws money at computer*

    I didn’t even know this existed! but I am *so* grateful you mentioned it! I love the Lonely Planet Books but have always thought they lacked in beautiful photography! This will be a gorgeous addition to our mini-travel book library! Thank you so much! 🙂


  2. 850 images that showcases every country..just wow! I now wonder what photo was used to feature my country. Hehe! I hope I can find these in our bookstores and maybe take a peak of what it looks like I guess it’s not hard to miss fiven that you mentioned we can use it for weightlifting too. Haha


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