Traveling is food for my soul…

Travelling is food for my soul but did you know that travelling is also actually good for our health too… Our bodies are exposed to different environments when we travel, which in turn create stronger antibodies and boost our immune system.

Travel is great for lowering our stress levels, yes, believe it or not, it’s been scientifically proven that travel can increase our happiness and decrease our depression. A study found that three days after vacation, those who travel felt well-rested, less anxious, and in a better mood. And these improvements does not quite disappear when they returned home, they lasted for weeks afterward. So who needs anti-depressant pills when you can travel instead..

Travel expands our mind as we get to meet new people and learn to adapt to new situations.  Studies reported that those who travel and have study abroad tend to be more open and emotionally stable.

When we travel, we usually try new experiences and see all there is to see — we spent money to get there, after all — so we’re more likely to attempt an extreme sport, walk the city streets much more than we would back home, or hike to get the best views of our surroundings. Even if you plan to stay all day at the beach, walking on the sand will force your muscles to work harder.

No matter where you go, whether local or international, travel actually enhance our lives and can increase our life expectancy. Research shows that travel reduces stress, keeps your body healthy inside and out, and boosts brain health. This adds up to an increased chance of living longer and to having more fun doing it

So when you ask me why I travel, the answer is simple. I travel because I have to, because it is good for my health and food for my soul.

I think I’d rather be dead then not able to travel, and besides, if I were to be terminally sick, I would still choose to travel over wasting money on medication…. huhuhu

I do not believe in letting time or budget keep me from traveling. This is because travel is just as important to me as breathing and eating…I love seeing and learning about new things….

The wondrous thing about travel is that it can just starts right outside your door. If you are not rich to travel long distance, you can always just visit a new place in your hometown or the town one road over. Nearly every city in Malaysia has some attraction and we can even start with just hopping over to MaTiC or to the nearest tower,waterfall, museum or zoo…..

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Whether it is to El Nido, Hong Kong, Bali, London, Tokyo, Nepal, Melbourne, South Korea or closer to home to Sabah or Langkawi, any opportunity to travel is always a blessing to me and I will be enjoying myself loads with visiting all the beautiful attractions, historical sites and taking plenty of photos and sharing it on my blog….

Seeing any part the world always provides me an education you never just get in any school. I am just a high school graduate and I dare say I learn more in my travels and am far more open minded then some other college students.

What that matters is not just the cultures you’re visiting, and the memories you make but you also get to know yourself better wherever you are. You learn to adapt to uncomfortable situations, how outside influences can make you feel, how to scrimp in an expensive city and how grateful you learn to be in a poor city… and most importantly, you’ll gain first hand experiences on how the world REALLY is like.

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pictures all taken /credit to and do not belong to me…

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