“Laugh Die You” coming to Genting International Showroom, Genting Highlands

Everyone knows how important laughter is in our lives… laughter is said to be the best medicine for a lot of things and can turn any bad day into something great…


Like… who wants to be around doom and gloom all the time right, when you are around too much doom and gloom, you tend to feel your mood sinking as well and any excitement or happiness dissipating with it…. so that is exactly why we need to be able to feel happy, as when you are around happiness and excitement, you sub-consciously feel good as well and laughter is known to be quite contagious….


A little bird told me that Resorts World Genting along with Popcorn Studio Sdn Bhd is bringing a night guaranteed to be full of laughter and fun to the Genting International Showroom on the 11th of February 2017 in the “Laugh Die You: The Mob” variety show…..

I call it variety show as is more then just a stand up comedy, as the awesome people who is organizing it says that there are also plenty of fun, games and prizes to be won from TV and cash prizes….etc, etc


Kevin Tann, the Vice President of Promotions & Entertainment at Resorts World Genting hopes that the stand-up comedy show will bring plenty of good cheer during the Chinese New Year and that it will help the audiences to forget their worries and stress and escape reality for a little bit…..


Expect to meet some of the most top notch comedians such as Kuah Jenhan, Mark Lee and Jonathan Atherton who will be featuring a variety of jokes peppered with the classic bickering/argument between Malaysians and Singaporeans.

Kuah Jenhan is recognised as one of the best comedians in Malaysia while Jonathan Atherton, based in Singapore, helms Comedy Club Asia. Mark Lee was the All-time Favourite Artiste in the Star Awards 2010—the first comedian to ever win the award.

These trio will be delivering rib tickling entertainment in their 150-minute show that is expected to have everyone in audience thrilled, hooked and clamouring for more…

‘Laugh Die You’ is a literal translation of a well known Cantonese phrase which means ‘laugh til you die’.


Tickets for ‘Laugh Die You’ are priced at RM308 (VIP), RM258(PS1) and RM158 (PS2).

Get a 10% discount for FIT and 15% discount for GRC members during the Early Bird promotion that is on till 15th January 2017.

For more details do not forget to call +603 2718 118 or visit http://www.rwgenting.com

Address: Resorts World Genting, Pahang, Genting Highlands, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang

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