Central market use to be my playground when I was busy swapping gifts with some overseas penpals, or when I wanted to get a foreign friend a gift.. and it was also the place I went to because there is one of the best second hand bookstores there where you can get books really cheap or rent new ones and return them at affordable prices…back in those days I would head to Central Market once or twice a week to feed my voracious appetite for Mills and Boons romance novels or the latest interesting novels…


Central Market Kuala Lumpur is definitely colourful and fascinating and being a Malaysian, I find it equally fascinating every time I was there….

Central Market was once a wet market built in 1888, but has since evolved to a fascinating destination for tourists, locals, shoppers and art lovers. Also known as Pasar Seni Kuala Lumpur in Malay, some will call it an indoor flea market…


The market now consists of several sections representing the biggest group of races in Malaysia, showcasing the diversity of the Malaysian cultures and traditions.


Even if you are not into shopping, you can truly enjoy a heritage experience offering a wonderful visual treat and appreciation of Malaysian heritage and architecture in a glance when you step inside…


Under its stunning art-deco structure, you will find more than 300 shops featuring local handicrafts, textiles, souvenirs, collectibles and restaurants.


No doubt there are also some items brought in also from various part of South East Asia, China and even Turkey…but if you look closely, you will find something to bring home..


With its distinctive Malaysian flavor, Central Market Kuala Lumpur offers an excellent place to showcase the true Malaysian culture and heritage values attracting both locals and foreign tourists to its doors.


The Central Market Annexe which is located behind the main building, Central Market Annexe features an Illusion 3D Art Museum, an XD Motion Theater and the Central Market Art Lane, an art corner comprising of 10 unique studios that features exciting works of art by local artists.


From contemporary art to caricature, architectural art, portraits of country premiers as well as a DIY batik workshop, the Art Lane retains a special charm offering art lovers an exciting and friendly place for both browsing and buying.


Kasturi Walk is located alongside the main building is a covered walkway, Kasturi Walk opened in 2011, that boasts an al fresco ambiance with an exciting variety of stalls selling tantalizing local snacks and exquisite souvenirs.


Kuala Lumpur Central Market is one of the oldest buildings around KL. The origin of the building dates back to the 1880s and has been classified as a Heritage site by the Malaysian heritage society.

It was slated for demolition during the 1980s, because of the recession then, however, and fortunately the building was given a new lease of life when it was renovated and turned into what it is today….

I was there this time with fellow #aboutkl bloggers and social media influencers under the Tourism Malaysia initiative….


You can find an amazing plethora of handicrafts from the traditional native beadworks; traditionally hand weaved gilded fabric called “Songket”, artistic wood carvings from the natives of Borneo to the vibrant and colorful “Batik” cloth.

The T-shirts printed with local motifs are a must see, as I think they are pretty good value, specially at around RM15-20 each…

 Antiques lovers might just love those treasures that can be found along the Blue Mansion lane…somewhere at the back of the main building to the right…
But do take some time and check out the whole Central Market and discover for yourself what is there on offer.
If you are feeling hungry or peckish, I would suggest heading to Precious Old China on the mezzanine floor for some Nyonya flavours.. walking into the cafe is like taking a step into the past…
 I recommend the Nyonya Curry Laksa….
And maybe the Chicken Lorbak…


There are also many other food stalls, food court and cafes around which you can explore too…

If you are lucky enough, you can even catch some performance by buskers, local performers, artists or dancers during your visit at the outdoor stage next to the entrance or Kasturi Walk..

Address: Jalan Hang Kasturi, 50050 Kuala Lumpur


Rapid KL Bus:-
821,822,851,180,640,650,651, 652,772,780,781,782,750,751, 752,770,771,BET1,BET3,BET4

KL Hop-On Hop-Off stops at the station right opposite of Central Market Kuala Lumpur.

The pink colour GOKL bus stops opposite Central Market Kuala Lumpur.


Pasar Seni Station is located right opposite of Central Market Kuala Lumpur while the Masjid Jamek Station is just about 10 minutes walking distance to Central Market Kuala Lumpur. FYI I have gotten down the LRT from both these places and walked to the Central Market countless times, so it really is not far at all…


  1. Oh my goodness, the kind of shop I would definitely enjoy! They sells everything that you can only find in Malaysia, and if am a western tourist, I would include this to my itinerary.



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