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I love dim sum, but being a Muslim, it is kinda hard finding a nice dim sum place with delicious dim sum… most of the dim sum you can get around you are pretty tough and just edible… that was well, until I met Dolly Dim Sum… I first  met and fell in love with Dolly when my PR friend, Paris brought me to Dolly’s in Avenue K…

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And since then, Dolly has become my top 3 places to go when I am craving for some good dim sum.. Dolly breathes new life to a cuisine that is steeped in tradition and embraced by many over the centuries.

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Dim Sum literally means ‘to touch the heart’ and at Dolly Dim Sum, they offer this unique experience encompassing quality ingredients, service from the heart and an amazing dining ambiance…

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The dining experience you get at Dolly Dim Sum is definitely different from anywhere else… Dolly makes all her dim sum delicate and exquisite yet so tasty…ideal for all-day grazing.. and yes it is HALAL….. I highly recommend their  ‘har gao’dumplings, roasted BBQ buns, baked mini egg tarts and the prawn cheong fun… these are usually what I HAVE to order when I am at Dolly’s

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Each Dolly Dim Sum is different with Dolly Dim Sum in Avenue K decked out as a contemporized teahouse setting, Dolly Dim Sum in Nu Sentral decked out as Dolly’s courtyard and Dolly Dim Sum Pavilion as Dolly’s  traditional kitchen..

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Here at Dolly’s Pavilion is where the lovely Dolly spends her time tinkering over new recipes and breathing life to new dim sum varieties… Dolly Dim Sum at Pavilion has a capacity of 80 seats..

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So yours truly was over at Dolly Dim Sum to check out Dolly’s pretty kitchen and to indulge in some yummy and delicate dim sum…our experience started with some tea… Gong Ting Pu Er / Chinese Tea….

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They are having a Chinese New Year Prosperity Set Menu which is just for RM70+ per person… inclusive of Salmon Yee Sang…

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Our server had it all memorized by heart as she took the time explain the sumbolic meaning to the items as she mixed the salmon, the crispy ‘pillow’ crackers, spice and pepper powder, the olive oil and sweet sauce..

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We then had the Three Treasure Crab Parcel – crab-filled parcels served in scallop superior sauce… mind you, be careful biting into this… it can scald your mouth if you are too much in a hurry… but once you bite into it… sheer bliss….

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Next up was the Spicy Szechuan Dumpling – prawn and chicken dumpling drizzled in a spicy tangy sauce… and it was just as satisfying… actually so satisfying, famous Malay blogger Cik Lily Putih did not let them collect the plate once the dumpling was finished… wanting to eat the sauce with other dishes as well..hehehe

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Then there was the Yam Croquette – filled with diced flavoured meat, mushroom and peas… now to be honest, I am not a fan of yam or beans , but this one was just so irresistible anyway… in the delicate lacey balls and crunchy on the outside, and so fine on the inside….

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We then had my favorite Prawn Cheong Fan – delicate rice rolls steamed with prawn and served with homemade ‘belachan’ … so super satisfying…not…. because I did not have enough…. 

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Naturally we have to have our greens with our meal to make it a balance meal… and so we had the Stir- Fried Broccoli with Scallop- using premium USA scallops… I just know my youngest daughter would have loved this dish…she loves broccoli and this was just so yummy…

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The Stir-Fried Chicken in Dolly special sauce – chicken marinated with special sauce and topped with green mango was just so lip smacking good.. I could not stop taking another piece…

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We completed our main course with the Royal Golden Fried Rice – fried rice with prawns and omega egg topped with ebiko…….

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Then ended out meal with some sweetness of course…. with the Chinese New Year Happiness Kuih –  Homemade ‘nian gao’ served with fresh coconut , making it resemble and taste very much like the Malay traditional kuih kasui/kaswi

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…. and some Mango Delight – mango puree served with pomelo and sago… to wash it all down….

So how about bringing loved ones over to Dolly’s kitchen at Pavilion Elite for this experience….they will definitely thank you for the experience…

Dolly Dim Sum opens daily at 11am /10.30am on weekends and public holidays up till 10pm but will be closed for the first day of Chinese New Year though…

Address – Dolly Dim Sum Pavilion Elite , Level 1, L1.102.00  Pavilion Elite, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang

Tel – 03 2110 5019

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  1. This place has been on our bucket list for some time! I also don’t eat pork so thumbs up for other options! I also like the fact that there is more variety than just dim sun – say, for picky kids to choose for…


  2. Dolly Dim Sum is sooo chic! (looks like a high tea cafe) and glad to know its Halat, Horray for our Muslim friends!
    I would like to try those stir-fried broccoli, and stir-fried chicken 🙂 Yummy!


  3. Wow Mieran! Didn’t know you are actually muslim. HAHA. I love the interior of this restaurant especially the big cartoon lady poster. I agree with you that it’s hard to find a good place with good and nice food for muslim. Btw is this restaurant Halah? I didn’t see any pork on their menu though.


  4. What a Chinese New Year menu they have. I was at Dolly Dim Sum NU Sentral just some days ago. Enjoyed their dim sum although I wished they already had the rooster dumplings.


  5. Heard a lot about Dolly Dimsum but have yet to try it. Looks mouthwatering! 🙂 The set menu at RM70 is very affordable too, would be nice to go for a treat after the weekend.. if they still have the promo.


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