Every once in a while one is faced with the prospects of a holiday getaway especially when weekend is just so short and you have limited options for a perfect holiday destination. Forget about Bali and Phuket when you can have the equal fun and excitement in Bintan. Tucked 45 minutes away from Singapore, the place now commands equal attention as the famed Bali. That notwithstanding the fact that, it is easily accessible via a ferry ticket to Bintan.


pic source from Agoda

Let’s see why this island is all about that wishful experience, holiday spirit, adventure and experiencing a different culture.

Be a racer with go-kart

While most would want to have the golden tipped sunrays to caress their skin, there are plenty of other activities that make the visit worthwhile. Karting is one example, ever wanted to be a rally or formula one champion? Well, look no further. There are plenty of karts that one can race with. Family, for the kids or even if it’s a corporate get away for team bonding and building. This essentially takes one down memory lane, plus it is too much fun and competitive. These are offered in most resorts in the island Bintan Lagoon resort and Nirwana Gardens, a visit to either one can access the services. Often offered according to number of rounds, worry not, because one gets value for money by having six rounds per person on the ATV rides.

Make friends with fishies and explore the wonder of the sea

There are a variety of flora and fauna, but nothing is more captivating that an underwater view of the coral reefs. Snorkelling, is available for nature lovers who want first-hand experience of admiring the myriad variety of fish and marine plants. The availability of this is testament to the fact that, the clear water is ideal for snorkeling. Mostly, the snorkeling gear can be rented out, often for two hours snorkeling experience. This not written in stone though, there’s a 4-hour option of snorkeling for SGD 30.

Kayak along a white sand beach

Kayaking is another activity not to be missed. Lagoi beach is the perfect place. Along the mangrove-laced Sebong River that links up with beach there is a wide range of bird species, animals, insects, that are so picturesque. One gets a one of a kind experience perhaps a breather from the sun bathing. One can kayak with a guide or even as a team, having a first-hand experience of the long beach that may have not been viewed by the visitor. There are plenty of kayaks often leased out that is readily available.

Take part in hatching turtle

Image result for turtles in bintan

pic source bintan lagoon

Forget the edited documentaries complete with narrators, you get to have your cake and eat it too if you love nature. Around Mid-May and the end of June, turtles normally hatch during that period. The Green Turtles, often hatch and head to the beach where the waves and tides sweep them into their new home. This is a first-hand experience of the choreographed manner in which the turtles remove the blanket of a shell into the new world. This is the perfect camera shot for any photography lover.

Spa and massage

A holiday cannot be complete without a visit to a spa or massage parlour.Pasar Oleh is one such place. After a long day of activities it’s only prudent to feel royal having your tight muscles being loosened up, skin being treated as you enjoy the experience.

Eat like a local

Cuisine is one fundamental cultural aspect that all visitors should experience. Local cuisine dot the island, from the traditional recipes to the more crossover, fusion of modern “borrowed’ cooking with the home dishes. Yam is one such local cuisine that perhaps should be tasted by any visitor.

Conquer a mountain

Gunung Bintan for mountain climbers, or hikers in my opinion should be on one’s bucket list. Not only is the view atop it breathtaking, the 340 meter has a myth about good fortune coming to those who dip themselves at the base of the waterfall. The waves are such a crowd puller, you can body board, surfboard, riding the crests and curls, like a pro. No doubt this is the climax of the visiting experience, teach yourself to surf, with instructors, fellow visitors or the natives who are so warm and hospitable.

There are just too much activities that can be fit into a single blog post but I would strongly suggest you to spend some time and explore the wonders in Bintan island. What it takes is only a click away from online portal like Easybook to get your hands on ferry ticket to Bintan.


  1. I have heard a lot about Bintan recently, especially with the project being developed by the owners of the Haven Resorts in Ipoh. I do plan to have a vacation there, soon, except that I heard that it is quite pricey.


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