Ever heard of Shopback… ? Shopback is an amazing cashback website that pays you CASH for your shopping.

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Hard to believe if you have not tried it but I mean it…  CASH.  You are not going to be getting points that will expire like some of those member cards, or those ‘insincere’ vouchers that has those “RM50 off a minimum RM250 spending and which has an expiry date and all those other similar points or vouchers you end up never using.

Nope, this is money that you can withdraw from your bank account.

All you have to do is sign up for a Shopback account and sign in if you have not yet done so……The whenever you feel the urge for online shopping or when planning for your travel, check out  Shopback website for your favorite online shop or booking site…

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Anyway , it’s ShopBack Malaysia celebrated their 2nd Birthday recently on the 22nd February and is granting a few  wishes…

So, for my own wish… seeing that the coming months are all about Mother’s Day, my kids birthday and then my birthday… there is nothing I would love better then to have a staycation in some posh 5 star place with my daughter or mother… and among my wish list would be –


A night or two, if it is within the budget, at the Majestic Hotel, the Grand Hyatt,or KL Hilton would be a dream come true…


Did you know you can actually get a 6 percent cashback if you were to book from,,, and 4 percent cashback from roomorama and accor hotels….


Or, another wish of mine would be to have a nice camera…. I have to admit that I am on the look out for some good camera… and these few comes to mind within the RM800 budget…

The cameras are from… and did you know Lazada is now giving up to 11 percent cashback…awesome right….

So how do you get these shopback money….. easy peasy…. like I said above…

Head over to the Shopback website for your favorite online shop or booking site…

Click on ‘View all…’ and you will be redirected to the merchant’s website.  YOU MUST COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE WITHIN THE SAME WINDOW.

You must complete your purchase from the same window that was redirected from Shopback to qualify for the cashback or they will not be able to track it and give you your cashback…

Once done, all you have to do is wait for your cashback ….

Once your cashback status is ‘redeemable’, taa daa… can redeem your cash into your bank account.  Yaaayyy…..

So head over to Shopback now and register yourself and check out  ShopBack’s extensive list of merchants… I can assure you there is something there for everyone…

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Shopback’s is just so rewarding,

with nothing to lose and all to gain,

You can have fun now with non stop shopping,

because you keep getting paid again and again..

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