Ok, let’s see.. I am back from Osaka and Kyoto, which is a huge relief.. lol… I have to admit that Osaka is indeed a very expensive place to stay, but then again, if you know how, you can actually get by for about RM2000 -RM2500 per person for a 4 day and 4 night trip there…and this is inclusive of flights and accommodation…


How, let me run you through my very basic itinerary which also includes some splurges like the Universal Studios Japan, rides on the Shinkansen/bullet train and a visit to the super cute Owl Cafe….for more details of the place, you will have to wait for me to gather my wits around me and write more about it in the next few days or weeks….


I have always been interested in visiting Kyoto and Osaka, because whenever I travel, I love nothing better then to visit historical destinations, and yes, I am drawn to medieval /centuries old buildings like a moth to a flame.. it calls to my soul…and that was what that made me want to go to Kyoto… So when AirAsia had one of their sales last year, it just happened I had some money in my bank account and I quickly got my tickets..

I spent RM1558.16 in total for our Flights / Pre-booked Food on board for 2 , both ways and a 20kg add on luggage one way, since we knew we would be doing some shopping,even though it won’t be much because it can be pretty expensive in Japan….

Hotels gave me a huge headache as I did not quite expect it to be so costly… so as a last straw on some friend’s advice, I checked out AirBnB and got my accomodation ….

Accomodation 1 – Shimoshinjo Station RM278.00 for 2 nights

Accomodation 2 – Imazato Station RM325.00 for 2 nights

And I had already spent….a total  of RM2161. 16  for 2 people, my eldest daughter and myself… or RM1080.58 per person….

Note –  I was lucky I had a chance to redeem a free night stay in Kyoto at the Kyoto Karasuma Hotel thus burning one night stay at my AirBnB and instead spending a night there in Kyoto

(Calculations here based on 1000 yen being RM39.25)

Day 1

JR Haruka train from Kansai International Airport/KIX to Kyoto plus ICOCA card, precharged with 1500 yen  – 3600 yen / RM 141.30

Unlimited bus pass around Kyoto 500 yen  /RM19.70

Gion district

Kinkakuji/ Golden Temple entrance 400 yen / RM15.70


Day 2

Unlimited bus pass around Kyoto 500 yen /RM19.70

Fushimi Inari temple

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Tennyroji Temple Gardens 500 yen/ RM19.70


Nijo Castle 600 yen / RM23.60

Nishiki Market and shopping street…..

Shinkansen from Kyoto to Osaka 1420 yen / RM55.75 for unreserved seat….. only 15 mins to Osaka…

Top up ICOCA card….3000 yen/ RM118.00

Used my ICOCA card to get to Shimishinjo Station…

Evening headed out to Owl Café at Minaminorimachi Station 1500 yen /RM59.00 including a drink


Day 3

Used ICOCA card to send bags to the Imazato station AirBnB and then get to JR Universal City

Universal Studios Japan passes RM270 (from First City Marketing)

ICOCA card back to hotel….


Day 4

Bought unlimited weekend travel pass for subway/bus for just 600 yen/ RM23.60 (for whole day use)

Nakanoshima Park

Osaka Castle and Osaka Museum of History 900 yen/ RM35.35

Shitennoji Temple


Back to AirBnB


Day 5

Used ICOCA card to get to Tsuruhashi station and bought Nankai Airport Express  1060 yen/ RM41.60


Total spent –  RM843 on transport and entrance

Overall average spent    RM1,923.58 , this is including Owl Café and Universal Studio and Shinkansen… where if you omit these three, you can definitely survive in Osaka for less then RM2,000 per person for a 4 day/ 4 night visit there….


Food…. Depending on what you eat.. or not… and where.. there are cheaper places and more expensive places.. we splurged at sushi restaurants for about 1000-1500 yen per set meal, 300 yen on some cutesy cat donuts and we also just got off with 100 -200 yen snacks like rice balls/pancakes /pastry /drinks from Family Mart, Lawson or 7 -11 shops…

I did bring some instant noodles, biscuits and bread to save more on food as I always do when traveling…

Since my AirBnB is slightly in a more ‘kampung’ /residential area, we could find nice seafood tempura for just about 250 yen, juicy sweet Japanese strawberries for about 250 yen- and I saw the exact same strawberries at B.I.G selling for RM55 per tray- etc….

It is more expensive to eat in tourist areas like Dotonbori, Osaka Castle etc… where soft serve ice cream cost about 500 yen and 600 yen for Takoyaki etc…


Set aside about RM500 for basic food and you can get by….

And this… is my shoe string trip budget to Osaka/ Kyoto….Hope it helps in your planning…..

Thanks for reading… and for your support…


  1. Thanks for sharing these tips. I love those unlimited travel passes for tourists. Save so much money and give allowances for taking the wrong rides. HAHAHA


  2. Welcome back!!! Thanks for the tips and advice. Japan was initially on my 2017 list of things to do. But I guess I would have to save up a little bit more to make sure I can enjoy without a budget or shop hehe


  3. Really enjoyed this post, beautiful photos! If you’re up for it, we’re currently hosting a writing challenge on and the topic is #Travel. If you have the time and interest, would love for you to share some of your stories.


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